Fight SAD with These Easy Ways to Stay Happy in a Dark Cold Winter ...

By Deeceebee

Fight SAD with These Easy Ways to Stay Happy in a Dark Cold Winter ...

There are millions of people out there who firmly believe that the dark, cold weather of the winter months has the power to really negatively affect your mental health, and I absolutely believe that that is true. It isn’t until the weather changes that you realise just how much the sun and the warmth benefits your body and your mind, and even though holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas take place late in the year, it doesn’t always guarantee that you are going to feel positive! Here are some ways to stay happy in a dark cold winter.

1 Eliminate Energy Suckers

Have a think to identify what the biggest energy suckers are in your life right now. If they are things that aren’t absolutely essential to your everyday existence, then make the effort to eliminate them. The summer is a time where you can afford to spread yourself a little thinner, but in the winter it is time to think about yourself first and foremost.

2 Be Grateful

The commercialisation of Christmas has the potential to make you very jealous and bitter person if you see people with things that you want but can’t have, so instead find some inner positivity by being grateful for the things that you do have. A roof over your head and a warm bed is a good place to start!

3 Vitamin D

If you want to give yourself a physical chemical boost, then you can always go down the Vitamin D route! Taking supplements of the vitamin that you naturally get all the time in the summer makes sense. It can give you back some of that energy that you seem to have lost over the course of the winter months.

4 Exercise

It might feel like the last thing in the world you want to do, but exercise is a great way to give your body a boost of endorphins, and as we all know, endorphins are the things that can make you feel great!

5 Take Action

Don’t just sit around on your couch just hoping for a switch to flip and your feelings to change. You have to make the change happen for yourself, so be proactive and get out and about with your friends and family. Just because the weather is frosty, that doesn’t mean that you have to put all of your social activities on freeze!

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