Simple πŸ‘Œ Pressure Point πŸ‘‰Techniques to Relieve πŸ™ Pain πŸ˜– ...

When it comes to the most effective forms of massage, anything that involves hitting various pressure points is always going to hit the spot. All over your body in specific locations, you have certain nerve endings and collections of muscles that can provide much bigger relief and satisfaction than their small size and placement on the body might suggest. When you treat your body like the weird and wonderful connection of muscles, bones, and parts that it is, you'll be amazed at what can be achieved! Here are some simple pressure point techniques to relieve pain.

1. Period Pain

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If you have periods, you will be more than familiar with the dull ache of menstrual cramps. It might surprise you to know that the pathway to easing them is nowhere near your stomach! Both pressure points for period pains are at the bottom of your chin. Place two fingers on either side of the point of your chin and apply pressure towards the back of your head.

2. Tired Eyes

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We tend to rub our eyes when they are tired, but what you should be doing instead is holding a pointer finger each in the middle of the bottom of your eye socket whilst looking up for 10 seconds, then looking down and releasing. Then using your thumbs, place one at the top of each eye socket, doing the same as before whilst looking down then up.

3. Motion Sickness

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If you are plagued with motion sickness every time you take a trip, then you should try pressing behind the bottoms of your ears with your thumbs. For extra comfort, you can also try pressing the spot in between your eyes and your brow line.

4. Headaches

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Headaches are one the most common daily ailments at work and school, and their pressure point cures depends on what the root cause is. It can sometimes be down to the ears, or the sinuses or even things like liver and indigestion and these all require different forms of acupressure. If you are somebody who suffers with headaches on a regular basis, it is a good idea to visit a doctor before making a decision about pressure point locations.

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