Pro Tips to Detox Your Body after Christmas over-Indulgence ...


Pro Tips to Detox Your Body after Christmas over-Indulgence ...
Pro Tips to Detox Your Body after Christmas over-Indulgence ...

Hands up if you overindulged at Christmas? You ate way bigger meals than usual, consumed more sugar than all year, and probably drank lots of alcohol. With all the social activities, you probably also got less sleep than usual. So by now, you’re probably feeling overstuffed and a little sluggish, not helped by this overindulgence impinging on your body’s natural abilities to detoxify. If you want to feel rejuvenated and re-energized, you can take a load off your liver by doing a detox. Here are my 7 best tips for a detox after Christmas.

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Lemon Water

Even if you think you need a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, ignore your craving for a caffeine pick me up and drink a glass of lemon water instead. It will cleanse your liver, kick-start your digestion processes and begin to alkalise your body. You can also just drink a glass of hot water without the lemon.


Green Juice

The best follow up to breaking your fast with lemon water or hot water is a green juice to provide your liver and body with a boost of the vitamins and minerals needed for a detox.


Choose the Right Nourishment

During your detox you need to avoid foods that are inflammatory and make your liver work hard. This means you need to eat clean, eschewing foods that contain dairy, sugar, and gluten and also avoid alcohol. How long you stick to this clean eating depends on how bloated and tired you feel but 5-7 days will make a real difference.


Scrape Your Tongue

Your tongue is one area where toxins gather that you can tackle directly. By using a tongue scraper/cleaner you can clear away the buildup of bacteria on your tongue surface. This not only makes your breath smell sweeter and improves your oral health, but also improves your digestive health and immunity. You can buy a tongue cleaner from health food shops.


Get Moving

Exercise will help flush out toxins because it improves your circulation and makes you sweat. Even if the cosy couch is calling and you really don’t feel like exercising, it is an essential part of your post-Christmas detox. Even a gentle walk is better than nothing if you can’t face a bout of cardio.


Do Yoga or Meditate

You will feel greater benefit from your detox if you cleanse your mind as well as your body. 15 minutes of meditation or yoga each day is good practice even when not doing a detox so get into this habit. You will improve your mind/body connection.


Give Your Skin a Workout

Your lymphatic system needs stimulating to achieve a good detox and you have two options. One is dry brushing before a sower, and the other is a hot towel scrub. For this you need a sink of hot water and a washcloth. Scrub your skin until it turns pink and slightly warm. This operation is best done before or after a shower, not during.

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