7 Tips on How to Recover from a Food Binge ...


7 Tips on How to Recover from a Food Binge ...
7 Tips on How to Recover from a Food Binge ...

If you deal with binge eating, you may be looking for a few tips on how to recover from a food binge. A binge doesn’t mean your diet is over. It doesn’t even mean you’re a failure. All it means is you had a moment of weakness and need to get back on track. Don’t let your next binge ruin your plan for healthy eating. Instead, follow these 7 tips on how to recover from a food binge and get back in the game.

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Drink up

H20 that is! The first step in how to recover from a food binge is by drinking lots and lots of water. First the water will help remove any toxins from your system and break down the rich food you just stuffed your face with. I figure it is safe to assume your food binge included your favorite high fat, high calorie foods and not broccoli. I mean, who’s ever heard of a broccoli binge? The water can also help prevent you from bloating.


Clean Eating

Follow up a binge with clean eating. Focus your next few meals on healthy vegetables and fruits. Eating healthy will help clean your body from all junk you just consumed. Expect to feel a little sick after eating like that, but know that it’s not too late to do the right thing.


Don’t Tap out

So you had a moment of weakness, you made a mistake. You only wanted one slice of pizza and ended up with the whole pie, plus some ice-cream. We’ve all been there a time or two. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t think that one little mishap means it is time to throw the towel in on your diet. Quitting is worse than going on a food binge.


Move on

As you move past this binge, you have to make good choices. Instead of wallowing in bed feeling guilty and ashamed, move on with some better choices. Eat healthy and go for some exercise. Walk it out, dance it off, or take it to the gym.


Journal It

Your binge probably stemmed from an emotion. Do you even know what it was that triggered you to overeat? Jot down what was going on before you turned to food. Share your emotions. Don’t forget to write about the hurt and disappointment you felt afterwards. Put it all on paper. Read it over when you feel the urge to over-indulge like that again.


Know Your Trigger

Journaling may help you find your trigger. You may discover what things are causing you to to react the way you do and turn to food. Once you have identified what triggers your binges, you can figure out how to avoid those triggers.


Learn from It

As part of your journaling this binge, come up with an action plan for the next time. What will you do when you are tempted to binge again? Do you have someone you can call to hold you accountable? Maybe there is another activity you can occupy yourself with.

I hope these tips help you learn how to recover from a food binge. Just remember there is no need to beat yourself up. Following the these tips will help you recover quickly, learn from your mistake, and create a plan to avoid another binge in the future. Do you have any more suggestion to share?

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Don't diet to begin with!! Depriving yourself will lead to binges, but a common sense healthy approach to food, your emotions and your body will solve the problem. This may take time to learn and mesh into your life. But, in the meantime these are some good tips. Oh, and broccoli binges do exist. Usually performed by anorexics. Trust me, I've been there.

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