7 Healthy Tips for Grocery Shopping ...

By Melissa

Need some tips for grocery shopping? Your local market is filled with all sorts of goodies. Unfortunately, these goodies aren’t always healthy. Snack cakes, sodas, and potato chips aren’t the best choices for your grocery cart when you have made a commitment to healthy living. But how to do we fight the temptation of adding some of that devilishly delicious food to our carts? Just follow these simple suggestions to stay on track. You are going to want to take these tips for grocery shopping with you the next time.

1 Fruits

Of course you know you need fruits as part of a healthy diet. I like to snack on grapes throughout the day. Bananas are another favorite to have on hand. They make for a quick snack after a workout or something I can eat on the go as I am headed out the door. Avoid canned fruits and go for the real thing. Frozen fruits are fine as long as they have no added sugar. Be adventurous and try a new fruit each week. You might find a new favorite. Keep reading for more tips for grocery shopping.

2 Veggies

Fruits and veggies should make up the largest part of your healthy grocery shopping list. The proper mix of these things will give your body the good nutrition it needs. Salad greens are perfect for a quick lunch, a side for dinner, or a snack. I like to keep cucumbers on hand to slice up in my salads. You can prep most veggies in several different ways. Steamed, sauteed, or roasted are just some of my favorite ways to cook vegetables.

3 Proteins

Protein is another very important part of a healthy balanced diet. Even if you don’t eat meat, you still need to load up on quality lean protein. Besides lean red meat, poultry and fish, add some unsalted nuts and beans to your cart.

4 Dairy

Dairy is another essential. Opt for low-fat cheese and milk. I prefer almond milk or organic skim milk. What is your favorite? I also like Greek yogurt. These are all staples in my house so I am sure to get them every trip to the grocery store.

5 Grains

Don’t forget about breads and rice. You want to avoid processed breads and flours. Look for 100% whole wheat and whole grain breads if you are trying to eat healthy. Buying bread marked as whole wheat isn’t enough. Read the ingredients to make sure it does not contain bleached flour and other such things. Always opt for brown rice over white rice too. It’s just better for you.

6 Supplements

Every good diet needs a little supplement to ensure a good balance. Because I am not much of a fish eater, I make sure to pick up an Omega-3 supplement at the grocery store. A good multivitamin is also important for a healthy diet.

7 Avoid

If you follow this list of healthy items from above, there shouldn’t be too much room left in your cart for unhealthy food. But just in case you are tempted, remember that things like soda, snack cakes, and greasy potato chips are not going to help nourish your body. If you can’t fight temptation, avoid the snack aisles at all cost. For even better protection only shop the perimeter of the store, where most of the fresh foods are. The inner aisle is where you will find horrible processed foods.

Now that you have these 7 tips for grocery shopping, you should be ready to hit the store with a plan for good health. Bring back only the things listed and you won’t be able to mess up your healthy lifestyle. What do you buy at the grocery store?

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