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Buying organic food can be intimidating — you know it’s supposed to be healthier for you, and that it’s more expensive, but why? Is buying organic food really all that important? Is there a secret to doing it right? The answer to both of these questions is YES! Buying organic food can make a difference in your health, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank. Here are 7 amazing tips on buying organic food.

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Know the Dirty Dozen

Some fruits and vegetables absorb more pesticides and other nasty chemicals during the growing process, but some, especially those with a peel or rind we don’t eat, are okay to buy non-organic. Which are the most important to buy organic? Celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, bell peppers, spinach, cherries, kale, grapes, and potatoes, also known as the «dirty dozen,» ought to be purchased organic, whenever possible.


Know What’s in Season

Be prepared: not everything you want will be available off-season. Buying organic food means buying whatever is in season, though some fruits, like strawberries, are available organically-grown, year-round, thanks in part of hothouses.


Shop Local

Did you know that buying organic food can also mean buying locally-grown food? A lot of local growers aren’t certified organic, since it’s expensive to become certified, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t organic growers. If you have a favorite local grower, ask if they’re organic. You might be surprised… have you been buying organic food already, and didn’t even know it?


Experiment with Brands

Buying organic food is a lot like buying non-organic food (that sounds weird, doesn’t it?) … you try a few brands, and find a brand you like more than the rest. Start by checking out the organic foods section in your local grocery store, then once you find a brand you like, stick to it!


… but Be Loyal, Too

Once you’re done experimenting, stick to the brand you know you like. The advantage here is that you know you like them already, so you’ll be more likely to try new products by them… live a little, be bold, right? Buying organic food is never boring!


Know Where to Go

I have three local supermarkets within five miles of my house, but I know only one of them carries the brands of organic foods I like, which makes buying organic food easy. I don’t bother shopping for organic food at the other two, and give all of my business to the one store I know tries to keep what I want in stock. Also, because I am a regular customer, I’m able to make special requests.


Be Prepared

Yes, buying organic food, even using these tips, can be a little more expensive than buying conventionally-grown food… but if you’re prepared to add a little more to your grocery bill, and I do mean only a LITTLE more, it’s worth every penny. It tastes better, and isn’t bathed in foul chemicals.

Now that you know how to buy organic food, will you give it a try? Remember the «dirty dozen,» so you can save money for just the produce you know you have to buy organic — that’s possibly the most important tip here! Which of these tips for buying organic food surprised you most? Or do you have another tip to share? Please do!

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