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8 Best Foods to Fight Nausea ...

By Jennifer

Whether you’re suffering from morning sickness or nausea from a first-trimester pregnancy, stomach bug or from chemo, you’re probably wondering what you can eat that won’t upset your stomach. I can help! After chatting with friends and family who’ve battled tummy troubles during chemo (and my own bouts of wretched morning sickness), I have loads of advice to share. Here are the 8 best foods to fight nausea… and chances are, you already have some of these on hand!

1 Ginger

Ginger has long been known to be a food for easing nausea, so if you’re feeling nauseous, indulge in a piece of candied ginger, or in ginger-infused tea. You can also try ginger ale, but check the label first to make sure it contains real ginger, and not just ginger flavoring.

2 Soda Crackers

Soda crackers (and saltines) were my savior during the first three months of both of my pregnancies — there were days when crackers were all I could hold down! If your stomach handles the saltines, you might want to move on to whole-grain pretzels, which have a little more nutritional value, too.

3 Yoghurt

When you’re looking for a food to fight nausea from chemo, yoghurt may be a good choice. It’s excellent for relieving the nausea, but it can also replace some of the “good” bacteria the chemo is killing off (along with the cancer cells). Try a Greek yoghurt, which has more protein and is gentler on your stomach (less lactose), a plain or vanilla-flavored one.

4 Bananas

A just-ripe banana is another of the best foods for nausea, one my daughter’s pediatrician and one of my friend’s oncologists both recommend because of its gentleness and its high potassium content. The strong scent of a very ripe banana might make nausea worse, so make sure you’re choosing a banana that’s just ripe.

5 Plain Rice

It may sound bland, but plain white rice is another excellent food to ease nausea. It’s easy to prepare, and the starchy carbs in it will even provide a short (but very sweet) burst of energy, maybe just enough to get you out of your pajamas and into a soothing warm shower.

6 Mint

Peppermint oil, like ginger, has also earned a long-standing reputation as a food to fight nausea, and like ginger, it’s also easy to get. Suck on a hard peppermint candy, or try sipping peppermint tea.

7 Watermelon

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But if you’ve been vomiting, you might be dehydrated, and eating watermelon may help ease the nausea and replace some of the water you’ve lost. Try a small, cold piece, and see if it helps.

8 Dry Toast

Any woman who’s ever suffered from morning sickness knows the dry toast trick — but it’s so bland, I saved it for last. Protip: rather than suffer through bland (and very non-nutritious) white toast, choose a whole grain toast, and don’t scorch it, since the smell of burnt breads can make your nausea worse.

Hopefully, at least one of these nausea-fighting foods will give you some relief! I know the watermelon and the crackers have helped me in the past… but which of these foods for easing nausea have worked for you? Or do you have another magical nausea-soothing food (or drink) suggestion to share? Please do!

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