Top 7 High Calorie Healthy Foods for Those Who Want to Gain Weight ...


Top 7 High Calorie Healthy Foods for Those Who Want to Gain Weight ...
Top 7 High Calorie Healthy Foods for Those Who Want to Gain Weight ...

Gaining weight can be incredibly difficult. Those of you who struggle to lose weight probably won´t believe it, but it isn´t simply a question of eating more. Some people simply have a great deal of trouble putting on weight, and don´t gain an ounce whatever they eat. So what do you do if you´re underweight, or you´ve been sick, and need to regain the lost pounds? Here are some suggestions for high calorie healthy foods that can help you with gaining weight…

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Nuts are a must if you want to include high calorie healthy foods in your diet. They´re not only high in healthy calories, but contain lots of useful minerals, depending on the nut. So include a variety of nuts in order to maximise the nutritional content. A word of warning though: salted peanuts are definitely not healthy and do not count! Buy pure nuts that have not been fried or salted.


Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is another excellent way of adding healthy but high-calorie snacks to your diet. Snacks, as we all know, are a great way of gaining weight (although not everyone wants to!). So when you do need to gain weight, nibble on dried fruit, you can make your own mix of fruit and nuts (remember, avoid the salted version!).


Fruit Juice/ Milk

Another useful tip for gaining weight is to add easy calories in the form of drinks. Of course we need to drink plenty of water, but for the would-be weight gainer, the problem is that water doesn´t have any calories! So try replacing some of your water intake with fruit juice (100% pure is better than concentrate) or milk – you´ll add calories without even noticing.



Admittedly cheese is high in fat, but it also provides a valuable source of calcium. Cheese is also an easy way to add calories to lots of dishes. Try sprinkling grated cheese on top of pasta or baked potatoes, or adding it to sandwiches and salads. You could also add a cheese course to your evening meal – a small but interesting cheeseboard finishes off a meal nicely.


Bananas/ Avocados

Fruit is definitely a healthy way of increasing your calorie intake, so add fruit like avocados and bananas, which contain quite a high number of calories, to your diet. Eat them on their own, or use them to make healthy dishes. Avocados can of course be turned into guacamole, and bananas make great smoothies.


Peanut Butter

Are you fond of a peanut butter sandwich? They´re a good choice for a healthy snack when you need to gain weight. Try eating a sandwich mid-morning and mid-afternoon, for some extra calories without having to consume unhealthy food. It could also be a good option if you like a snack before going to bed.


Healthy Oils

My final tip for gaining weight is to add healthy oils to your diet. Olive oil is one of the most familiar, but there are lots of other healthy oils such as almond and hazelnut oils. Different oils are suitable for different purposes; some are better used for dressings rather than cooking. Drizzle a tasty nut oil over your salad or meal for extra calories with a healthy touch.

Gaining weight can be a nightmare whether you want to or not! If you don´t want to gain weight, it´s too easy, and if you do, it´s really difficult – how annoying! However, if you do need to gain some extra weight, there are ways to do so without eating unhealthy rubbish such as potato chips. Have you been recommended any high calorie healthy foods when you needed to gain weight, and did it achieve the desired affect?

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