8 Ways to Detox after Drinking ...


8 Ways to Detox after Drinking ...
8 Ways to Detox after Drinking ...

Are you looking for some ways to detox after drinking? Maybe you had an extended New Year’s celebration or you just partied too hard after a long day at work. Either way, there are several ways you can get your mind and body back on track with these 8 ways to detox after drinking!

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You probably don’t even think about sleeping as one of the ways to detox after drinking because it comes so naturally! You’re tired as hell and would probably like to sleep through the next few days, right? The good news is, sleep is always encouraged. You probably got in when everyone was getting up, so your body needs all the rest it can get!



Drinking lots of water is an excellent way to detox after drinking and to fight dehydration! Alcohol acts like a diuretic so it’s essential to replenish your body with water. Water also helps to flush out all the toxins in your system from all the drinks, food, smokes, etc. Keep a pitcher by your bed or tote a large water bottle with you and sip throughout the day!


Avoid Stimulants

I know grabbing another drink might be your normal go-to to fight a hangover, but not if you want to detox your body! Avoid exposing yourself to stimulants like alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. If you must have coffee to make it through the day, go ahead and have your latte, just don’t overdo it with quadruple shots of espresso!



Exercising might be the last thing on your mind right now but sweating is a great way to detox your body! Sweating is one of the natural ways our bodies detox, so if you’re not up for a workout, try sitting in a sauna. Check out your local gym to see if they have a sauna. If you don’t have a membership, see if you can get a free trial pass or pay for a one-day pass.


Sip Tea

Drinking too much caffeine while you’re trying to detox isn’t helpful, but sipping on green tea or an herbal tea can do your body good. Green tea does contain caffeine; however, according to the Mayo Clinic, a cup of green tea contains about 24-40mg of caffeine while a cup of brewed coffee has 95-200, so tea might be a better bet. Some great detox herbal teas include dandelion, lemon grass or chamomile.

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Aside from filling up on water, sweating and sleeping, take some time to pop some vitamins! Replenish your system with nutrients that might have been depleted from all the festivities. Also, taking vitamins isn’t just for those times you want to detox your body. Taking a multi-vitamin or certain supplements can help improve your skin, hair, mood and more!


Eat Healthy

I know indulging in your favorite fast food might sound heavenly but you’re not going to do yourself any favors with that stuff! Fuel your body with lean protein, fibrous veggies and fruits and try staying away from sweets for a few days too. Sugary sweets are tempting but try to stick to fruits as your dessert while you’re detoxing!



Try to avoid adding extra stress to your life or give yourself time to relax while you’re rejuvenating! Stretch, meditate or get a massage as a way to detox after drinking. Do something that you know will help you relax. And try to reduce the amount of stress around you while you’re repairing your body.

We all get carried away at times, whether it’s drinking or eating, but luckily there are simple ways to detox and get ourselves back on track! Try out these easy tips to help restore your body after a night or nights of debauchery and decadence! How do you like to detox your body?

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Alcohol is a depressant not a stimulant. Also, a hangover is your body going through withdrawal from alcohol so a little drink (insert bloody mary) will probably actually make you "feel better" because you're satisfying a craving!!

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