7 Ways to Drink More Water ...


7 Ways to Drink More Water ...
7 Ways to Drink More Water ...

If you have a hard time drinking enough water, then perhaps learning some ways to drink more water would be helpful to you! Drinking enough water is important, because water keeps us hydrated, flushes out toxins in our system, and even helps us lose weight. This article has some nifty tips and different ways to help you drink more water, so please continue reading!

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Get a Water Bottle

This tip may sound a little crazy, but it’s one of the best ways to drink more water! Pick out a water bottle that you love, and fill it up each day. I have a hard time drinking enough water when I use a glass or a disposable water bottle, but I always meet my quota when I use my water bottle! Mine is a 36 oz., so I know if I fill it up twice a day I’m well hydrated.


Add Fruit Slices

If you’re one of those people who don’t care for the taste of water alone, then try adding fruit slices! You can toss them in fresh or frozen. You can also use essential oils to flavor your water, but avoid things like Kool-Aid mixes or teas. You don’t want to be drinking more sugar than necessary.


Drink Water with Your Meals

A good way to get a full glass of water down your hatch is to drink one with each meal. When we are eating, we tend to drink more than any other time of the day, so if you have a hard time getting enough water, then drink water at mealtime! Drinking a full glass before your meal is another idea, if you don’t want to drink water with your food.


Use a Straw

It’s never really fun to try and gulp down water, so try a new approach. Sip your water through a straw! You actually get a lot more liquid then you might imagine when you use a straw, so no worries that you aren’t drinking enough. Plus drinking out of straws is a lot of fun, when you buy cool colors!


Try Different Brands

Don’t get stuck in a rut with drinking tap water. Try out different brands of bottled water to mix it up occasionally! Some other variations you could try include Smart Water, Fiji, or even Vitamin Water. Don’t get bored; shake it up!


Keep Water Nearby

If you always have water within your reach, it will be easier to remember to drink it. Keep a water bottle in your car, at your desk, in your locker, or in other places where you spend lots of time. You can even get the smaller sizes to carry in your purse or backpack!


Replace Sodas with Water

This one can be tough for some of us, but why not challenge yourself? See if you can go for one week without sodas. Drink water when you would normally have a soda. If you can last a week without sodas, then you could last longer. Kick a bad habit and create a good one!

When you’re drinking enough water, you will see marked differences in things like your energy levels, your hair and skin, and even bodily functions! Just don’t overhydrate, because you can get sick if you drink too much. What are your tips for staying hydrated and drinking enough water?

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I love lime and cucumber in my water. It's amazing!

I have a Zero Water Filter. It gets out virtually all desolved solids. Bottled water doesn't. Plus its cheaper

Raspberry water is amazing...

During the swim season our team completely cuts out all soda, and now almost everyone is soda free year round!! You feel a lot healthier in the long run!! xx

I stopped drinking from a straw so much because someone pointed out that sipping on a straw all day causes those same little wrinkles/lines around your lips as what you see on people who smoke quit a bit:( I too have cut out soda completely and lost 20 pounds just from that one decision! Yay water!

I always have a hard time drinking enough water, especially now that I'm pregnant again and I already have to pee every twenty minutes. I always add fresh watermelon cubes and/or cucumber slices to mine, it's so delicious!

I always drink water when on the computer or on my iPad

It's not recommended to drink a lot of water with your meals as it dilutes your stomachs natural digestive juices like hydrochloric acid. Sipping while you eat is fine, but save your big glasses of water for an hour before or after your meals if you want to maintain optimum digestion.

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