7 Bach Flower Remedies Groups and Remedy Options ...


7 Bach Flower Remedies Groups and Remedy Options ...
7 Bach Flower Remedies Groups and Remedy Options ...

Have you ever heard of Bach Flower Remedies? I’m not sure if it’s just a UK thing or if they are available all over. The Bach Flower Remedies were created by English doctor Edward Bach. The remedies, all based on flowers, were his approach for real and lasting healing through treating the causes of illness rather than just the symptoms, which back in the 1930s was visionary. The remedies are particularly aimed at spiritual and emotional conditions rather than physical and are divided between seven main groups. Within each group there is a selection of various preparations – 38 in total. Here are those 7 groups along with some of the individual Bach Flower Remedies you might like to try.

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Despondency or Despair

Despair can be an overpowering emotion and is also highly individual. What initiates despondency in one person will just wash off the duck’s back elsewhere. Despair also manifests itself differently according to personality; some sink into depression and desolation, others soldier on with a brave face. In recognizing the multiple causes, there are 8 Bach Flower Remedies in the despondency group. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your situation and can’t see a way forward, Elm is recommended to promote a sense of hope. Sweet Chestnut is there for when you feel you have reached the end of the road, and if you need to revive your sense of self-worth, Pine will help.


Fear Group

No one is fearless. Fear is one of the most common human emotions and it influences our behavior in many ways, from preventing taking a step forward to accomplish something to downright terror. Conquering fear is about gaining control over the mind, and for this Dr. Bach created his cherry blossom remedy. When you need to be released from the paralysis fear causes, rock rose remedy is on hand and Red Chestnut is there for those times when fear is not for yourself but for others close to you.


Oversensitivity Group

For those who are experiencing oversensitivity to influences and ideas, there are 4 Bach Flower Remedies. Agrimony, Walnut, Holly and Centaury are recommended to combat the different ways we feel vulnerable or are too quick to react to the emotional energies of those around us. Holly is described by Dr Bach as promoting divine love, the purest form of love, which doesn’t allow hatred, anger, jealousy and revenge to take hold of us. If you’re in a place where you feel you have to put everyone else’s needs before your own, centaury can provide the reminder that you matter too.


Uncertainty Group

Feeling like you are on a path to nowhere or not knowing what is right for you can be all-consuming. Not having a clear direction fogs clear thought, not helping you see a clear path, while uncertainty might be a lack of confidence that you could ever have the skills or wherewithal to achieve your goals. There are 6 Bach Flower Remedies to tackle uncertainty, including gentian if you need to stop being discouraged by the small setbacks in life, gorse for reducing feelings of no hope, and hornbeam if you lack the mental strength just to get through the day.


Overcare for Welfare of Others Group

Do you sometimes feel that you have the worries of your friends and family on your shoulders and you are helpless to help them all? This is a characteristic Dr Bach recognized for his overcare for others group, which also in the modern day might manifest itself as overcare for the planet and environment. Essentially, it is the despair at feeling you want to do something but the issue is so huge it’s hard to know how to make an impact. If you feel you are overly critical, judgmental and intolerant, the beech remedy is for you. If, however, you feel weighed down with the burden that everything is your responsibility, Vervain will help you to regain balance.


Lack of Interest Group

When Dr Bach recognized the various ways that we withdraw from or are reluctant to take part in everything or some things life has to offer, he defined them as lack of interest - or, to use his language, insufficient interest in present circumstances. Acknowledging that this lack of interest develops differently in individuals, he created 7 Bach Flower Remedies. Try the honeysuckle remedy if you feel you are living in the past, unable to move forward. Clematis will help you conquer periods where you drift off into daydreams and fantasies, preferring those times to the present. Mustard will help for those times when you have a fit of gloom for no real reason and wild rose will instill a new joy and passion for life and your future.


Loneliness Group

Loneliness can be debilitating. Some people are very happy leading a solo life and are emotionally self-sufficient. For others it means isolation and feeling separated from those around us. Dr Bach identified 3 flowers to aid the specific manifestations of loneliness he identified in his patients. He chose heather as a remedy for those whose loneliness causes a compulsion to constantly seek attention and talk about themselves; water violet is the answer to aloofness and withdrawal caused by loneliness; and impatiens for the alone feeling caused by impatience and irritability driving people from you.

You should see after reading about the 7 groups that they are all inter-related and that feelings and emotions occurring in one group are symbiotic with those in another group. It’s for this reason that the philosophy of the Bach Flower Remedies suggests that benefits arise from a selection of remedies and not reliance on a single one. Are you interested in Bach Flower Remedies? Have you ever tried any and did they work for you?

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Is it something you consume?

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I have a Whole Foods in my area with all types of extracts.. I can use those.. Right? Or is there a brand?

I use the rescue remedy and rescue remedy for sleep. It's something that has really helped me with anxiety but is way more gentle than medication and doesn't have the same side effects

I'm curious, for it to work it's remedy do you Just have the flower around the house?

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