9 Principles of the Gerson Therapy That Are Thought to Heal the Body from Cancer ...


9 Principles of the Gerson Therapy That Are Thought to Heal the Body from Cancer ...
9 Principles of the Gerson Therapy That Are Thought to Heal the Body from Cancer ...

Recently, I saw a movie that introduced the Gerson Therapy to me, and exactly what principles of the Gerson Therapy program have been proven to heal the body from cancer. I’m sure many of you have heard of Dr. Max Gerson, who developed The Gerson Diet in the 1920s. It became popular in the 1930s as a regimen to be a natural therapy to help cancer patients recover. In the meantime, it also helped people overcome heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Crohn’s Disease and more. Because of this amazing success, it baffles me that here in the United States, we aren’t practicing the principles of The Gerson Therapy more and are instead turning to chemicals to treat cancer. While I'm not suggesting anyone try it on their own by any means, I do believe it is worth being aware of. Patients who have completed the program have testified to its results, regardless that the United States won't support medical evidence to prove it. To learn exactly what The Gerson Therapy entails, check out the information I’ve provided here. I think you’ll soon see that food truly is medicine, and Dr. Max Gerson is one of the first who discovered just how true that really is.

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Detox The first of the principles of The Gerson Therapy is the detox phase, where diet and lifestyle factors are altered to help the body detoxify from chemicals, unhealthy fats and sugars, caffeine, gluten, animal products and more. This allows the body to rejuvenate itself on a cellular level. A body can’t heal when it is intoxicated, and the Gerson Therapy starts with this phase for this purpose.


Clean Diet

Clean Diet Eating clean has never been as real as it is in the Gerson Therapy program. The diet is made up largely of fruit and vegetable juices all made with a juicer, vegetable soup and supplements for potassium and iodine. It may sound extreme to us that don’t have cancer, but for a body compromised, it is meant to heal the body on a cellular level, without the need for hard digestion of gluten grains, proteins, etc. Eating only fruits and vegetables allows for their nutrients to be absorbed quicker into the bloodstream to nourish the cells and cleanse the organs. Potassium and iodine are given to the body for electrolyte balance and to maintain healthy water and sodium levels in the body.


Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enemas While patients on the Gerson Therapy plan aren’t allowed to drink coffee, coffee enemas are a large part of the program. I know, I know, it sounds crazy. Apparently, coffee enemas are miracle workers. They have been used in Dr. Gerson’s clinic to quickly detoxify the bowel, where most toxins take house and cause all sorts of issues for people. Coffee enemas also stimulate the liver and allow it to not only function better, but also enhance its ability to produce natural immunity factors. Who knew that coffee could do all that without drinking it?


Toxicity is the Cause

Toxicity is the Cause The Gerson Therapy program is designed around the belief that toxicity is the root cause of all disease in the body, including cancer. It believes that toxins interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients efficiently, which leads to a distortion of our cells, leading to cancer and other diseases.


Processed Food is a Major Cause

Processed Food is a Major Cause We all know processed foods have excess sodium, used to preserve them for a longer shelf life. The high sodium content is a major reason the Gerson Therapy advises to get rid of processed foods in all forms. High sodium content, along with fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and other chemicals lower the body’s potassium levels, while raising the sodium levels. Most patients who have cancer have excess sodium levels in the body, according to the Gerson Therapy. By lowering the sodium content, especially through processed foods, patients are said to heal much faster.


Veggie Overload

Veggie Overload The Gerson Therapy is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting in your recommended amounts of produce, but much more than you would probably even guess at first glance. It involves much more than just eating several servings a day and having a glass of juice. For instance, most patients on the Gerson Therapy are given juice made from over 20 pounds of vegetables each and every day, along with eating nothing but fruits and vegetables and some whole grains. In fact, one glass of juice is consumed each hour, up to thirteen times a day. This allows for cellular regeneration to take place in the body without too much energy from digestion taking place to interfere with healing.


No Fat

No Fat The Gerson Therapy doesn’t use fat at all in the diet, due to the way it is metabolized in the liver. While healthy fats are necessary for most of us, the Gerson Therapy advises against them since they require a greater digestive load, putting more strain on the digestive system than fruits and vegetables do. This also leads to a faster detox.


Some Supplementation

Some Supplementation The Gerson Therapy does use some supplements, such as potassium, vitamin B12, pancreatic enzymes, a thyroid hormone supplement and a special iodine solution to support the body’s complete nutritional needs. This is used to stimulate the liver and thyroid function, along with other key organs of the body.


Long Term Treatment

Long Term Treatment Because the Gerson Institute isn’t backed by scientific evidence here in the United States and isn’t funded at all by hospitals associated with The American Cancer Institute, its only licensed practice facility is in Tijuana, Mexico. Treatment in this facility lasts anywhere from several months to even 10 years, depending on how sick a patient is. Most recommended treatment terms are somewhere around 2 years and people who can’t travel to the facility themselves do have an option to receive treatment in their homes without an inpatient stay. Costs are high for the Gerson Institute, but most supporters of natural healing are willing to pay the price.

If you have questions about the Gerson Therapy, I advise you to checkout the website here: gerson.org. Have you ever heard of the Gerson Therapy?

Sources: livestrong.com, gerson.org

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I didn\'t post that comment above ^ !! Wth???

I read this because I was hoping for a few tips for my mom, but this advice seems dangerous. Such a huge leap to such a restricted diet would be hard for most healthy people, cancer patients seem tired enough for this sort of thing. Coffee enemas smack of Dr Kellog and old-timey medical quackery from a bygone era, and the information that \"most cancer patients have elevated sodium levels\" sounds like \"more Doctors smoke Camels than any other brand\" - if something is largely true for a huge population, then of course it will remain true for most subsets of that population, and elevated sodium isn\'t exactly a rarity. The idea that digesting food distracts your body from healing? No, if you already have cancer, the \"Potential Benefits of a Near-Starvation Diet\" ship has long since sailed. There are just too many red flags here, I wouldn\'t even forward this to her to remind her to eat her veggies.

I watched the Gerson miracle documentary and if there's cases out there of these patients I'm more than sure going the natural route has helped a whole lot more than western medicine.. Unfortunately I lost my sister due to the side effects of her epilepsy medication, and there's no proven cases that eating a plant based diet causes any harm to the body..

I really enjoyed learning about this method in the past. Of course one thing to remember is that one of the reasons alternative therapies are not necessarily backed by western doctors is because they are doctors *of medicine* (i.e. pharmaceuticals) that\'s not necessarily bad or good, just outside their area of funding and education.

Cannabis has been proven to cure cancer, funny that cannabis is illegal and cigarettes, alcohol, fast food and sunbeds are legal when they actually help towards having cancer. Something weird going on there eh?

Alex, tests have been done, but the medical community turn a blind eye of anything that does not include big pharma. Thank goodness that I have a doctor that teaches wellness over prescriptions, and the benefits of not only eating correctly, including detoxing but of using good personal care products that do not have cancer causing ingredients.

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