9 Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Sick ...


9 Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Sick ...
9 Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Sick ...

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably looking for simple ways to avoid getting sick this winter. Even if you’ve already had a cold or the flu, there are still many things you can do in order to stay healthy and avoid getting sick again! Check out some of these simple yet effective ways to avoid getting sick and save those sick days to play hooky with your friends!

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You’re probably wondering why I’m suggesting that you kiss someone when the topic is how to avoid getting sick. Well, my dear, kissing and having sex can actually help you avoid getting sick! When you swap spit, you’re exchanging bacteria which can help you boost your immune system. Sex also helps increase immunoglobulin A, which is an immune boosting protein! That's what makes this one of the most pleasurable ways to avoid getting sick!



These past few years we’ve gone a little hand sanitizer crazy but for good reason. We see hand sanitizers at the grocery store, doctor’s offices and just about everywhere in between! Hand sanitizers are the next best thing when you’re unable to wash your hands. So the next time you’re at a sketchy public restroom or just want to keep your hands as clean as possible, pick up a bottle of hand sanitizer and use it!


Drink in Moderation

If you want to know how to not get sick, it’s best to not get too comfortable with the booze. Drinking excessive alcohol has been known to weaken the immune system by producing a nutritional deficiency and reducing the ability of white blood cells to kill germs in your body. One or two drinks here and there are fine, but if you regularly imbibe three or more drinks, it’s enough to suppress your immune system.


No Sugar Added

Another way to stay healthy and stay trim is to go easy on the sugar. Sugar also affects white blood cells and inhibits their ability to kill germs by up to 40%! The immune-suppressing effects of sugar start within 30 minutes of consumption and can last up to 4-5 hours. If you have a sweet tooth, try swapping sugar snacks for fresh fruit, veggies or whole grains, which don’t affect the immune system at all!



Did you ever think that taking a walk is one of the proven ways of how not to get sick? Taking a brisk walk for about 45 minutes for four days a week or more can help improve your immune system and prevent you from getting sick. Remember that you don’t want to overexert yourself by running, just walk at a brisk pace to chase away any bugs!


Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee, as well as other hot liquids, has been found to help wash away viruses in the mouth into your stomach where the virus can’t grow. Typically, viruses take about three days to incubate in your body, so if you regularly sip on hot liquids like hot water, tea, coffee or soup, they can help you stay healthy and hydrated!


Eat Immune Boosting Foods

Another way to stay healthy this winter is to fill up on foods that fight illness! Foods like yogurt, oats, fish, beef, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, garlic, tea and chicken soup are some of the powerful foods that can help guard your immune system and add extra nutrients to ensure that your body is ready to fight off the flu, colds and whatever else nature might throw your way!


Drink Water

Filling your body with water is one of the key tips that will help you stay healthy and hydrated! Water helps flush out toxins from your body, transports nutrients, regulates body temperature and helps us with our metabolism. Keep a water bottle at your desk each day so you remember to get your fill of H20 every day and keep your body functioning optimally!


Sharing is Not Caring

When it comes to learning how to not get sick, sharing is definitely not caring! Even if you regularly share your drinks, pens, cigarettes, makeup, etc., it’s not the best way to stay healthy. Unless you painstakingly sanitize all of your belongings, you’re bound to get some cooties on those things and could end up getting sick. Carry spare tissues and avoid sharing drinks and personal belongings to stay healthy!

There are many ways we can help ourselves stay healthy this season. Of course, the best thing to do is to regularly wash your hands so you’re not contaminating yourself, but these other tips will also help you stay hale and hearty all season long! Do you have any tried and true tips for staying healthy?

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Actually using hand sanitizer is one of the ways to make yourself sick. It kills all the good germs

Hand sanitizes actually can do more harm than good when trying to avoid being sick. Many viruses are resistant to them, it mostly will kill good germs. All 10 of my doctors have said they'd rather use nothing than hand sanitizer. If you are going somewhere where you can't wash hands they recommend bringing a water bottle of water

I love this article! I often forget about not sharing things like my food and drinks. But I have to keep it in mind because I hAve a lot of things coming up. But hand sanitizer is actually not good for you. Like AWP said, it kills the good bacteria that strengths your immune system. You're more likely to get sick if you use hand sanitizer frequently. It's good to use occasionally, such as if you don't have any way of washing your hands.

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