10 Essential Oils to Stay Healthy ...


10 Essential Oils to Stay Healthy ...
10 Essential Oils to Stay Healthy ...

A little known secret is the power of essential oils to stay healthy. Oils are amazing for a variety of things like moisturizers and hair masks, but some can also be ingested to fight off sickness. It’s a bit like a mega-boost for your immune system, so if you’re always sick or just can’t afford to get sick, try some of these essential oils to stay healthy!

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Lemon essential oil is packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants. The main thing with lemon essential oil is that it’s amazing at cleansing the body of toxins, so this would be a great addition to your diet if you want to detox. Probably one of your biggest weapons in your arsenal of essential oils to stay healthy.



Lavender is one of the most calming scents, and it also makes an amazing and useful essential oil. Taking it regularly will help fortify your immune system as well as help with any stomach problems like vomiting or diarrhea. It also helps with my PMS cramps, so if you’re like me and suffer intense cramps, you might want to look into lavender essential oil!



Another oil that will work wonders for the digestive system, peppermint will basically go down there and calm everything down. Patients with irritable bowel syndrome have found peppermint essential oil helped to relieve the severity. Along with this, peppermint is great for your teeth, and will virtually eliminate your bad breath!



Clove is absolutely bursting with vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Taking clove essential oil is like taking a liquid supplement, because it’s got so much great stuff in it, such as Vitamin A and C, as well as iron. It’ll also help increase your body’s immune system and the ability to fight diseases, so that to me sounds like an oil worth looking into!



The uses for rose essential oil are many. It can do so much for the body, from protect it from viruses to relieving depression, rose oil is the go-to oil for just about any problem you could have or want to protect yourself from. Seriously, look up all the benefits it has! (Not to mention it’s an aphrodisiac!)



When I think of vanilla, I think of ice cream. But vanilla essential oil is a real thing, and it’s a must-have! It’s got fantastic anti-oxidant properties that can help your body fight off really tough diseases, even things like cancer! Not only that, but it’ll help with stress. And, really, who doesn’t love vanilla?


Clary Sage

A lot of these oils have very similar benefits, but did you know that clary sage will help with gas problems? If you’re particularly gassy, this is your oil! Not only will it help gas pass, but it’ll reduce the amount of gas that builds up. Basically, this is your ticket to less embarrassment in case you go out for a chili hot dog with some friends.



Again, this has many of the same properties as some of the previous oils, but basil essential oil is especially good for treating colds. If you have a particularly rough cough, a little basil oil should help calm it down and get you back up and running in tip top shape. It’ll also help improve circulation.



Like Lemon essential oil, the Grapefruit oil is a great antioxidant. However, what this one has that lemon doesn’t is its power as a diuretic. This is great to remove toxins from the body, since the kidneys are the organs that flush out all the bad. Grapefruit oil will make sure those kidneys are working well.



Have trouble concentrating when you need to study or work? Rosemary oil is your ticket to productivity! It helps boost concentration and gets your brain working more efficiently. Basically it’s an energy drink for your brain to get it back to work when it’s tired.

Like with anything you put in your body, always know the risks before you try any of these oils. Research them extensively to make sure they won’t have any adverse effects on you. Pregnant women should be EXTRA careful as there are some oils on this list that should be avoided as they could be dangerous for the baby. The most important thing is to learn how to ingest them properly and in what quantities. When in doubt, ALWAYS ask a doctor. If you’re well-versed in essential oils, do you have any recommendations?

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Any suggestions on where to get these?

How about coconut oil ?! It's amazing ladies!!

@Tia Coss Hi Tia! You can find them online. There are plenty of vendors, but you just have to be sure that they are food grade oils. Those are the ones you can ingest.

@Maritza yes it is amazing and great for you! Thanks Dr. Oz!!!

I love essential oils for my hair!!! I would really appreciate it if someone posted tips on how to ingest them and the appropriate quantities as I don't have medical insurance to consult a doctor. Thanks!

Obviously you would get food grade oils as opposed to ones used just for scent

I use grapefruit oil in my water and also mix equal parts grapefruit and jojoba on trouble spots on my body for fat loss!

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