7 Cures for Heartburn ...


7 Cures for Heartburn ...
7 Cures for Heartburn ...

If you suffer from heartburn occasionally, knowing a few cures for heartburn will be helpful indeed! Heartburn is never fun, and there are ways to prevent it. Over the counter medications can help, but for some long-term relief, these remedies below will have you feeling better in no time! If you’re pregnant, just remember that most pregnancy-related heartburn will subside after the birth of your baby. Please continue reading to learn a few cures for heartburn!

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Watch out for Trigger Foods

One of the cures for heartburn is to watch out for the foods that trigger heartburn. It’s usually different for each individual, but some of the main culprits usually include spicy foods, dairy products, or overly salty foods. If you notice heartburn after eating certain foods, try cutting them out of your diet and see if that makes a difference. At least limiting the amount you consume might offer some relief.


Eat Smaller Meals

Eating large meals can be the cause of nasty heartburn for some people. Not chewing your food well enough can contribute as well. Instead of two or three large meals a day, try having four or five small meals. And chew your food thoroughly and slowly to make sure your body can easily digest without a flare up of heartburn.


Lose Weight

Excess weight can be a main factor in contributing to heartburn. Try losing a little weight to see if your heartburn lets up! You can diet or exercise, or do both for the best results. Even if you can only drop 5-10 pounds, you may notice a big difference!


Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can really cause more heartburn than you ever bargained for. Even if you’re just a social drinker, why not back off for a few weeks and monitor any changes in your heartburn frequency and intensity? Other foods you can avoid to decrease heartburn include coffee, red and black pepper, and milk. Milk may offer temporary relief, but the protein in milk only encourages your stomach to create more acid, and the heartburn will return more ferociously later.


Eat More Apples

There are certain foods to reduce the chances of heartburn occurring! Apples are great, as are cranberries, blackberries, carrots and kale. These veggies can be eaten fresh or tossed into smoothies, yogurts, cereals, soups, or salads. Adding more fiber to your diet also reduces heartburn frequency, so munch on some whole grains and sip a little apple juice throughout the day!


Don’t Eat before Going to Sleep

Eating before laying down for a nap or going to bed for the day will up your chances of getting heartburn by 50% or more! Try to eat at least an hour before you lay down, or wait until your food is digested to go to bed. Acid reflux may even occur if you go to sleep too soon after eating, which can be very painful and unpleasant.


Seek Medical Help

Do you notice heartburn re-occurring more than 2-3 times a week? Is it excruciatingly painful and difficult to bear? If you have either of these symptoms, and nothing seems to help then you should seek medical help. You may be experiencing the beginnings of chronic problems that will only worsen without the proper attention. Talk to a doctor to ease your worries!

Heartburn is no laughing matter, and over-the-counter remedies only take effect for so long! It’s nice to know a few remedies that can ease your discomfort and keep heartburn at bay. If you know any cures for heartburn, please comment below! Thanks for reading!

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I suffer from heartburn regularly - it is nothing my doctor has felt worries about as many of my family members also do. It is inevitable with many foods for me. A great at home remedy is mixing apple cider vinegar and water! I was so skeptical at first but it definitely helps!

Those who have stomach ache issues try to get tested for "helicobacter pylori". It's an easy test and even easier treatment. That bacteria can cause stomach ulcers in time... Good luck

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