7 Easy Tips for Healthier Eyes ...


7 Easy Tips for Healthier Eyes ...
7 Easy Tips for Healthier Eyes ...

Last week, a leading eye consultant gave me some great tips for healthier eyes. We’d been doing a simulation that involved a complete or partial loss of sight, and it really highlighted how important vision is. Can you imagine a world where you can’t see? It’s all too easy to forget to take care of your eyes, especially in a fast-paced world, so check out these tips for healthier eyes and try to work them into your life. It’ll be worth it!

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Get Them Checked…

Okay, so this is one of the most obvious tips for healthier eyes, but it’s still important. When was the last time you had your eyes tested? An eye test is a great marker to see if your eyesight has deteriorated, and it’s the only time your eye health is completely checked, too. A recent study found that 85% of people value sight as their best sense, but less than half had taken an eye test in the last three years. Get them checked!!


Remember to Update Your History…

If you only see your eye doctor once a year, it can be easy to forget to update all your medical history. It can be important, though. Conditions like diabetes or MS can affect the eyes, so making your optician aware is vital. It’s also important to let them know your hobbies: do you use a computer for a lot of time, or swim regularly? You’ll get the best help and advice if you are honest and open about your health and your hobbies.


Avoid Irritants…

During the winter, your eyes can easily become dry and irritated by heating systems. Try using a portable humidifier to add moisture back into the air and boost your air quality, to avoid infections and discomfort. It’s also worth keeping pets off your pillows, and cleaning up after them regularly; pets shed, and track irritants like dander through your home.


Stock up on Saline…

Have you got some saline in your medical cabinet? While you should always use safety goggles to protect your eyes during dangerous activities, it’s probable that you’ll get soap or cleanser in your eye at some point. Saline is essential for washing it out without irritating your eyes too much. Grab a bottle, and keep it somewhere safe. If you do accidentally get anything in your eye, rinse it with saline for around 10 seconds to clear the eye.


Throw out Your Contacts Case…

Contacts cases are convenient, and easy to carry around, but that can be their downfall. Keeping them in your handbag, a moist bathroom or your pocket makes them easy to use, but also causes them to become perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, which you then put into your eye. Change the solution every day, and replace your case frequently.


Enjoy Caffeine Sometimes…

Two cups of a caffeinated beverage every day are thought to protect against dry eyes, which can be a serious issue. The catch? More than two servings can do the opposite, depleting your tear film and causing dryness. Try to aim for two coffees a day, and then drink plenty of hydrating water.


Look Away…

Use the 20/20/20 rule when you are using computers. Every 20 minutes, look at something that is at least 20 metres away for 20 seconds. It’ll refresh your eyes and it breaks the strain of constantly focusing, as well as helping to prevent headaches. We blink about half as often when using computers, so breaking it up is essential for eye health. It’s one of the easiest tips for healthier eyes, but it’s one of the best, too!

Adding dark leafy greens to your diet, as well as fish that is high in omega-3 and dark berries like blackberries, can also boost your vision. Drop the carrots, though; there is no evidence that they actually help sight, although they don’t harm it, either. Do you have a tip for keeping eyes healthy? I’d love to hear it!

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Eat carrots!

Carrots are good for eyes too =)

Drink plenty of water too:)

I was recommended diluted Apple Cider Vinegar for another health problem - did little for that but I never had dry eyes again! Brilliant!

Always wear sunglasses! I recently learned from my doctor that people can start to develop a Harding shell over their eye if exposed to too much sun without proper protection!

I wash my contacts case at least every month. Maybe I should wash it more but what I do is I boil some water in the microwave or on the stove and I take tongs and dip them in. You will see and hear it getting clean! I also do this with my toothbrush. I get a new toothbrush regularly but sometimes I just want it to be extra sanitary.

Lutein is an eye vitamin has done wonders used to wear glasses take two religiously excercise eat healthy fish oils and multivitamin all those together keep my vision great and I'm 40

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