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According to information presented by the National Institute of Health, all of us women could use a few tips to avoid a urinary tract infection. According to them, UTIs are the second most common cause of doctor visits across the country. If you have ever dealt with a UTI you know that this pain is no joke and probably have wondered about ways to avoid another one in the future. Check out these 7 important tips to avoid a urinary tract infection.

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Staying properly hydrated is key to avoiding an infection. Water helps flush your system and keeps harmful bacteria from growing in your urethra. Increase your water intake by two glasses a day. Your goal should be 8 glasses of water everyday. Are you pretty good about drinking water? Don’t worry, there are plenty more tips to avoid a urinary tract infection.



Cranberry is a common remedy for a UTI. Not only will it help prevent an infection, it has also been known to speed the healing process. Some women find drinking a small glass of cranberry juice each day is good enough, while others prefer to take cranberry supplements. Either way is fine. Have you tried a good cranberry supplement?


Don’t Hold It!

Girl, there is no reason to hold your pee in! If you feel the urge to go, then get to the bathroom quick and take care of business. Not allowing your body to flush itself allows the harmful bacteria to grow and irritate your urinary tract. Plus if you've been drinking your water properly, the need to pee is a good thing!


Stay Clean

Keep your girly parts clean and always put on a fresh pair of panties each day. Follow proper wiping techniques, down in the front and up in the back, to avoid getting fecal matter in your urethra. Also be sure to clean up after intercourse to avoid any bacteria growth. Water and mild soap is all you need.



While we are talking about panties, consider wearing panties with a cotton crotch. Other fabrics don’t breathe as easiy as cotton or let moisture escape. I know those silky things are very lovely, but they really aren't doing your vagina any justice and will only cause irritations. Also remember to change out of a wet swim suit as soon as possible.



While we all love taking a nice relaxing bath now and then, it can really cause havoc down there. If you do plan to take a bath, consider showering first to avoid the spread of bacteria. Limit baths to once a week and use them as a special treat.


Scented Feminine Products

Some women feel self-conscious and find it necessary to wear feminine hygiene sprays or use scented douches. These products can do more damage than good and most gynecologists will tell you these types of products really are not necessary. The chemicals in these types of things are likely to irritate and cause problems. Our vaginas naturally clean themselves and these sorts of products can throw things off and get rid of the good bacteria we need.

Urinary tract infections are common. It is safe to say that we women will each face at least one at some point in our life. Do you have any tips to on how to avoid a urinary tract infection? Please share.

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Great tips. Here's another: Always pee after sex - very important in avoiding an unwanted UTI.

I agree peeing after sex is a MUST

Best Advice I was given from a doctor. After you have had a wee . Wait a few second and squeeze . You may not be emptying the bladder completely. There is always a little drip left .

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