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Sometimes there's nothing like a good ol' home remedy to take care of common illnesses. Guest contributor Angela shares some of her favorite non-medical remedies. Thanks Angela!

If you've suffered from pain or sickness for a long time, you're probably ready to try just about anything to get some relief. Fortunately, there are plenty of non-medicinal remedies that anyone can use to start the healing process. Whether you've got heartburn, nasal congestion, joint pain, or even depression, one of these 7 remedies might be all the medicine you need.

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Cranberry Juice Cures Bladder Infections

A bladder infection might be one of the most troublesome illnesses to deal with, especially for women who contract them often. If you love the sweet taste of cranberries, though, there's some good news. Studies show the juice of these little fruits can clean your bladder out and help you recover from the infection faster.


Salt Water Can Help Cuts, Fevers, and Sinuses

Stepping into the ocean with a cut on your leg can be excruciating. You might think salt and open wounds should never mix, but you'd be surprised to find that soaking in a special salt mixture can actually help heal cuts and abscesses faster. You should also try salt baths if you're suffering from tense muscles, fever pains, and even sinus issues.


Chewing Gum Gets Rid of Heartburn

Chewing gum does more than just clear up bad breath. If you're suffering from heartburn, one of the best things to do is pop in a piece of spearmint and chomp away. Scientists have learned that chewing gum can have the same effect as an antacid, which means you can enjoy heartburn relief, and fresh minty breath at the same time.


Support Your Liver with Vegetables

Many people want to avoid medication due to chronic liver problems. You definitely want to protect your liver because it processes medicine, drugs, and can cause major health issues if mistreated. To boost your liver's health, consider adding liver-friendly foods into your diet like carrots, artichokes, beets, avocados, and green tea.


St. John’s Wort Helps with Depression

If you suffer with depression and don’t want to be put on any medication, St. John’s Wort is a great natural alternative. The capsule form is widely available and can be found at your local grocery store. The usual dose is 300 milligrams three times a day and you should allow 6 weeks for the herb to start working.


There's Help in Numbers

Sometimes you feel bad in an emotional way, which is much harder to cure than physical pain. If you need help that you can't find in medicine, consider joining a therapy group. Group therapy can be inexpensive, and serve as a tool to help you develop socially. Talking with other people who are enduring your same troubles can be incredibly helpful, create new bonds, and help you realize that you are not alone in your depression.


Pets Are the Best Medicine

If you don't feel ready to join a therapy group but can't handle all your negative feelings alone, the best thing to do might be to adopt a pet. You might think adding more responsibility into your life would not help to cope with depression, but in reality spending time with an animal friend can help you relax. You might find happiness in taking care of a dog or cat who will love you unconditionally, and offer warm cuddles when you need it the most.

No matter what kind of health problem you have, whether it's physical, mental, or emotional, you don't have to rely on pills and doctor's visits to feel better. Check out the world of natural remedies and you might start feeling better than you ever have before.

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yes cranberry juice definitely! I used to have kidney problems as a kid and my parents bought a whole lot of cranberry juice so that it could filter my kidneys. It tastes wonderful too!

My kitties saved me while I battled a severe case of depression while in a bad relationship! It's medically proven purring decreases blood pressure too! Win win for everyone

Cranberry juice is usually full of sugar in most cases so you are better off taking cranberry extract in capsule form

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