7 Wonderful Tips to Soothe Your Aching Feet ...


7 Wonderful Tips to Soothe Your Aching Feet ...
7 Wonderful Tips to Soothe Your Aching Feet ...

Your feet take a beating after a long day, it’s no wonder you are looking for tips to soothe your aching feet. From being up all day, wearing uncomfortable shoes for the sake of looking good, or staying active by running, it is no wonder our feet become tired, achy, and swollen. While most days we forget about it and just head to bed only to repeat the punishment on our poor little feet, today I challenge to try a few of these tips to soothe your aching feet. I promise you and your feet will feel so much better.

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Foot Soak

Foot Soak Foot soaks are wonderful and it comes as no surprise that it would be included in tips to soothe your aching feet. It really doesn’t take much to have a good foot bath either. At the very least all you need is a tub of warm water and one to two tablespoons of epsom salts. Place your tired feet in the mixture and enjoy your favorite show on television or a good book.


Foot Massage

Foot Massage Foot massages are nice too, and I promise your feet will love you after a good rub down. The best massages include a little rubbing oil. While something with a relaxing scent like lavender would be ideal, baby oil, mineral oil, or even olive oil will do in a pinch. Remember a little goes a long way.


Leg Massage Too

Leg Massage Too While you are at it with your feet why not give your legs a little rub down too. Our legs carry our feet everywhere they go. It goes without saying that our legs have got to feel just as weary and worn as our feet. Keep the massage going and pamper your legs too.


Raise ‘em up

Raise ‘em up Sometimes a foot soak or rub is just way too much effort. You can still get some relief for your aching feet by raising them up. If your feet are swollen at the end of the day from constant standing or an injury, keep them elevated above your heart to help some of the blood and extra fluids drain.


Wear the Right Shoes

Wear the Right Shoes If your feet are constantly sore, your shoes are likely to blame. Don’t try to stuff your feet into shoes that are maybe too small. Go up a size for better comfort. Don’t be vain about the size of your shoes. I promise nothing is flattering about stuffing big feet into small shoes. Also consider the types of shoes you are wearing. If you know you are going to walk around a lot, wear tennis shoes not sandals or heels.


Consider Insoles

Consider Insoles You can gain extra support in your shoes by adding insoles. Some insoles are meant to soothe your feet, others add extra arch support. Check out the selection of insoles at your store and see which might work best for you.


Treat Sores

Treat Sores Sometimes our shoes can rub our feet leaving blisters and open wounds. Don’t let these sores go untreated. Do the right thing and treat them properly. An infection would be horrible. Keep the sores clean and let blisters pop and heal on their own.

Pay attention to your feet and give them a little extra attention when they are sore and achy. What are some ways you like to pamper and soothe your feet after a long day?

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Add a few drops of peppermint oil to Epsom salt & warm water soak. Also use some peppermint oil in any body lotion or oil & give them a rough rub/massage:)

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