8 Herbal Remedies to Know ...


8 Herbal Remedies to Know ...
8 Herbal Remedies to Know ...

Herbal remedies are something everyone should be in the loop on. In case you haven't noticed, a lot of people are turning to the more organic way of life, and there is something to this. Processed foods are killing Americans and the medications we are taking are just as bad for us, honestly. What are some herbal remedies that can keep you from having to turn to your local drug store for help? Read on and find out!

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Colds and Sinus Problems

If you are plagued with the the cold, allergy and sinus problems that affect so many of us this time of year, I have a solution that is quick, easy and healthy! It's really simple, I'm telling you! Okay, first of all, you need to go to your local health food store and purchase some mullein leaf and some marshmallow root. Keep this stuff on hand all the time. You can purchase the marshmallow in capsule form. (I'll come back to it later.) Mullein can be purchased a couple different ways, and either way can work. For beginners, I suggest purchasing it in the liquid form. Here is what you're going to do. Take a couple ounces of water and drop 2 mL of the mullein leaf liquid in there. Take one capsule of the marshmallow root with that drink. After doing that, put 2 to 3 mL in a few ounces of water in a pot on the stove. Bring it up to a good steam. Turn off the burner and place your head under a towel over the steam. Breathe in deep. Do this as long as you can stand it.

Mullein is good for cough, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, flu, fever, allergies, and sore throat. (Many more uses as well!) Marshmallow is good for sore throat, cough and many more things as well. Between these two amazing herbs, you will be feeling better within the hour!

*Note: You can treat children the same way. You just want to split the dose in half. You can give them the marshmallow by opening up the capsule, pouring half into a spoon and adding some natural honey. Works like a charm!



This is the part where you will get grossed out with me, but I have it on good authority that this works, and I have the reasons why this works. Hear me out! If you have a virus, or any sickness in need of an antibiotic, this little remedy will work quickly. Next time you are at the dollar store, grab an enema, and then go to the grocery and get some fresh garlic. When you need an antibiotic in a hurry, mince up a couple cloves of garlic super fine in some warm water; this works best if you have a "bullet" or a really good blender. Place this mixture in your emptied out enema bottle and up the bottom it goes! Hold it as long as you can and then release. Here is why this works: Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It's a single go-to natural drug. On the other end, your rectal area is one of the most absorbent areas of your body. Because it is super absorbent, the garlic can get into your system that much faster! If you can't handle the idea of the garlic enema, you can still mince up your garlic and take it by mouth. Cover it up with some honey. At least with the enema, you won't have to taste it, right?



This isn't a popular subject, but fact is, it's a problem many people suffer from every day. Instead of taking laxatives and all, you can take some marshmallow root or fenugreek.


Stressed out?

Ginseng is your answer. Asian ginseng is said to be a little more strong than our American version but either one will work. Lavender and chamomile are also great to have on hand for stressful days.


Irregular Cycle

If you suffer from not knowing when "Aunt Flow" is visiting, I have great news for you! You can get her on schedule with herbs! Red clover has been found to do wonders for the female body and her greatest enemy, the monthly cycle. Not only will red clover help to regulate your cycle, it also works to cut down on PMS cramps, menopausal symptoms and is an all-around good friend of women. Saw palmetto, an herb thought to be only for men, can also be taken by women to regulate their period.



This is a tough subject, I know. But if you are suffering from depression, or know someone who is, there are herbs that can help in place of medication. One such herb is Gota Kola. I have personally witnessed this herb helping with depression in my own family. You can also take St. John's Wort for depression as well.


Breast Enlargement

There is a list of herbs I have found to aid in natural breast enlargement. One herb that I know works is fenugreek. You can also take wild yam, red clover, saw palmetto and fennel for the same purpose. Why go through surgery when you don't have to?



It seems cancer is becoming more and more common in our world, and it really is scary! But herbs are here for that as well. Some good cancer-fighting herbs are rosemary, parsley, thyme, mint and dill. Now, you have more of a reason to grow them and cook using these fresh seasonings!

Herbal remedies are good to know. Herbs have been given to us for a reason, and we should get back to the basics of knowledge when it comes to our health and the health of our family and friends. So what about you? Know a herbal remedy you want to share? Have you had any personal experience with the ones listed above? I want to hear from you!

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I love natural medication..,all the time i feel bad i just take garlic or ion,cut it to pieces and eat it with bread with butter...really helped me many times;)of course this is not for huge virus diseases

I truly respect people for taking a natural supplements, I take some myself, but stating that modern medications are killing us is both insulting and inaccurate. If you choose not to take modern medications that is your choice, but many modern medications help to treat serious acute and chronic conditions. There are lots of poisons out in the natural world, but I would never say natural remedies are killing people. A person should always investigate and research and then determine what is best for them.

As a physician, I believe some herbal remedies can be good complementary therapies to modern medicine, but would strongly caution against relying on solely herbal supplements to deal with disease. I would also caution that most herbal remedies are not monitored for their contents and some can have very serious side effects.

"Next time you are at the dollar store, grab an enema..." SERIOUSLY - Americans can buy enema 'kits' at dollar stores?!! I am gobsmacked at this and can't stop laughing!!!! I also love how the writer just casually plonked that piece of info there - only in the US!!

Be careful! Just because something is natural doesn't make it safe: poison ivy is natural too... It does contain natural chemical compounds. St. John's wort works against depression, but has many interactions with other meds you may need at some point. This can be dangerous as well!

And there is no evidence suggesting herbs may cure cancer!!!

Forgot St. John's Wort to stabilize your mood and Turmeric for several ailments. Great article overall. I much rather use herbal remedies. 100 yrs ago, they didn't have all these meds, so they used herbs for ailments.

Viruses don't respond to antibiotics. Only bacterial infections do. Usually. Other than that, good article.

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