10 Easy 2 Minute Health Boosts ...

By Neecey

We all know that being healthy is a lifestyle for a lifetime, but isn’t it good to know that no matter how busy we are and how hectic our lives are, there are some 2 minute health boosts we can all do? Surprisingly, you can make quite a serious difference to your health with these quick and easy practices that make the best use of a few moments. Here are 10 easy 2 minute health boosts you can slip into your daily routine.

1 Add to Your Water

One of the best 2 minute health boosts that will benefit you is adding something a little bit extra to your drinking water. Fresh mint leaves, juicy lime slices, cucumber slices, fresh fruit, raspberries, lemon wedges, rosemary leaves, lavender or strawberries – anything goes – just make sure it is fresh and healthy.

2 Work Your Core

Your core is responsible for protecting and supporting your body. When your core is weak, the unused muscles shorten and the support for the rest of your body starts to diminish. Protect your spine, your organs and be as strong as you can be by working your core muscles every day. One of the best 2 minute health boosts you can do is a quick plank work out every day.

3 The Power of Yoga

Stretching and flexibility are essential to a healthy and strong physical body and balanced state of mind. And if you just take a few minutes to boost your health every day and do a few yoga stretches or moves, you will feel much stronger for it. Start the day with a clear mind and begin with a great all over stretch or do a couple just before bedtime.

4 Exfoliate

Exfoliation is not just for your face; it is important to get the blood flowing to all areas of your body and is one of the easy ways to boost your health as well as making you look better. Dry brush for a few minutes before jumping in the shower. It stimulates blood flow, increases circulation, helps to stimulate your lymphatic system, which helps to get rid of toxins, and can help move along the appearance of cellulite.

5 Floss Every Day

Taking a few minutes every day to floss your teeth can go a long way in protecting many other facets of your health. For example, gum disease has been linked in cases to heart disease. Flossing your teeth daily (after brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes) will help keep your teeth and gums healthy, as well as reducing your risk of other health issues.

6 Eat Good Fats

Good fats like the ones found in olives, avocado and oily fish are essential for healthy skin, teeth, strong hair and they help your body absorb vitamins and minerals into the blood stream. Avocados are packed with a turbo charged dose of hydration for your skin, vitamin A, which is also needed for keeping skin healthy, polyunsaturated fat and big doses of vitamin E. Preparing an avocado is one of the 2 minute health boosts that will provide you with a good meal – try it on a toasted slice of seeded bread.

7 Get Hot

Take 2 minutes to review what you’re eating/cooking. Spicy foods and the addition of chili, turmeric or cayenne pepper has been known to boost your metabolism and help it work harder to burn fuel. If you are not used to spicy food, just try and add in a small amount when you cook, and scrape the seeds out of the chili before you eat it. You will get used to it and your metabolism will love you for it.

8 Meditate

Stress is a huge part of our lives as a modern generation. And we don’t realise how much we are experiencing high stress levels every day. Traffic, noise, running late, public transport, commuting, shopping with hoards of other people, loud music – all these things contribute to our stress levels. Give your health a boost in 2 minutes by meditating. Close your eyes, clear your mind and relax.

9 Eat Low GI

Good health is as much about the choices we make, as well as our actions. Take 2 minutes to consider your lunch rather than just grabbing whatever you can. Choose a low GI food option instead of an unhealthy pizza, cheeseburger or sandwich laden with butter and mayo. Wholegrain and low GI food items will help you keep fuller for longer, and provide your system with all the nutrients it needs during the rest of the day without your blood sugar peaking and then crashing again.

10 Massage

Sitting behind a desk all day, hunched over a computer is going to put strain on your neck and in your shoulders. Take the time to massage your neck and shoulder area by using a tennis ball or two behind your shoulder blade and between you and the wall or the floor, and gently massage the area to release any tension. This is one of the essential 2 minute exercises you should add to your daily routine and it has great health benefits in the long run.

There’s pretty much just a small effort involved in these 2 minute health boosts but the benefits are exponentially very attractive. What are some of the essential things you simply must do every day to boost your own health?

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