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8 Uses for Witch Hazel ...

By Jordin

Did you know that there are many different really helpful uses of witch hazel? So many things that we think we have to buy a separate product for, when really, we can get away with using a dab of witch hazel! I’ve been using this miraculous product for years, and it hasn’t let me down yet. Keep on reading if you want to know 8 fabulous uses of witch hazel!

1 Breakouts

The very first time I ever discovered one of my favorite uses of witch hazel, I was 14 and in tears over a bad breakout. My mom told me to use witch hazel as a toner, and within days my breakout was cleared up and gone! To this day, I still use witch hazel as a blemish controller. It’s perfect for getting rid of acne fast without over drying the skin!

2 Sunburn Relief

No one likes to have sunburn, and especially in areas that get touched often, such as shoulders. Witch hazel is ideal for treating sunburn, because it heals damaged skin and treats inflammation. Best of all, it doesn’t sting while you’re applying it! Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation on tender, burnt skin.


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3 Diaper Rash Ointment

Witch hazel is great for sensitive skin since it doesn’t irritate, so it’s perfect for treating areas like a baby’s bottom! Use a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel to help clear up a diaper rash and get your little one some relief. Apply it 2-3 times daily to see quick results!

4 Hemorrhoid Control

If you’ve ever experienced hemorrhoids, you know how uncomfortable they can be. Witch hazel is perfect for this tender area of your body! Witch hazel tightens skin and relieves itching, so with a few applications each day, you should be well on your way to experiencing relief and much less discomfort!

5 Razor Burn

I never use shaving cream when I shave, so I always need to apply something on my legs to prevent itchiness afterwards! Witch hazel has been by far my best-kept secret for soothing itchiness and dry skin, as well as razor bumps and burns! Ladies, you can pass this tip on to your man as well, if they don’t use aftershave then witch hazel is a great alternative.

6 Under Eye Bags

Since witch hazel does an excellent job at tightening up loose skin (another reason I use it on my face!) then you can rest assured it will help clear up those bags under your eyes! I apply witch hazel nightly underneath my regular eye cream to help keep my eye area fresh, young, and firm! Don’t apply it after you use eye cream; since it also acts as an astringent, you will be basically wiping away all your eye cream.

7 Bug Bite Relief

One of the things my mom would always pack in the medical kit when we went camping as a family was witch hazel. As soon as those pesky mosquitoes and bugs came out, we would apply the witch hazel to stop the itching and burning. Witch hazel won’t hurt any bug bite, but as following common sense, make sure you consult your family doctor for any bug bite that is out of the normal, or any poisonous bug bites.

8 Heal Bruises Faster

Since witch hazel has awesome healing properties, you can use it to heal a bruise faster! It won’t really help with the achiness, but if there’s any swelling, witch hazel can help reduce and soothe the swelling considerably. If the bruising is due to a nasty accident or there’s any cause for concern, again I recommend that you contact your family physician.

Another thing to love about witch hazel (besides all these great reasons) is that it’s all natural and great to use if you have sensitive skin. Some women even swear by its cleaning powers as an all-purpose cleaner for their home! It’s not something that I’ve ever tried, but if you have, or if you have any other great uses for witch hazel then please comment below! Thanks for reading today!

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