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7 Reasons to Use Lemon Balm ...

By Rosalina

If you're interested in herbs and their amazing capacity to heal, you might want to know about Lemon balm. It is one of those natural remedies that is said to be able to cure all manner of ills and it could help you.

Lemon balm is actually a member of the mint family. It's easy to grow and is a prolific self-seeder, meaning you might see it spread rapidly amongst your flower bed and between the paving. Because of its ability to spread so easily, it is often mistaken for a weed but before you arm yourself with your garden implements to cut back this pesky herb, have a look at some of the ways in which lemon balm could help.

1 Tummy Trouble

We all suffer from tummy problems at some point or another and there are a few herbal remedies, such as peppermint and chamomile, that we often turn to in order to alleviate the symptoms. Another one to try when you're next suffering from the discomfort of tummy troubles, such as bloating, IBS, gas, indigestion and heart burn, is lemon balm.

2 Horrid Herpes

Lemon balm contains a chemical property called terpenes, which is thought to have antiviral properties. Therefore, creams and ointments containing lemon balm are said to help treat those nasty cold sores that many people get when they're feeling run down. Studies indicate that lemon balm may also be able to treat conditions such as genital herpes and shingles.


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3 Irritating Insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia then you will know how debiliating it can be. Chamomile, hops and valerian are frequently touted as the insomniac's go-to herbal cure. If you add lemon balm into the mix, it's thought to improve one's ability to not only get to sleep, but banish those nightmares too.

4 Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety is something that many people suffer from and it can vary in severity. If you suffer from anxiety then you may be interested in the calming and restorative effects of lemon balm. Lemon balm contains rosmarinic acid and triterpenoids, which are both believed to improve symptoms of anxiety.

5 Alzeimer's

Lemon balm has also been credited with calming patients with Alzeimer's. In an Iranian study, those who had taken lemon balm showed an improvement in cognitive function as well as a reduction in behaviours associated with Alzheimer's such as unrest.

6 Pick Me up

If you're caffein sensitive then turn to lemon balm for a natural energy boost. Simply chop a few lemon balm leaves and place in hot water for ten minutes. Go ahead and enjoy the energising aroma and taste without the caffein-induced jitters.

7 How to Take

You can find lemon balm in your health food shop and it's available in both capsule and tablet form. It can also be found in tincture form so you can add it to water. Of course, if you have it growing in your garden you can pick a few leaves and make your own soothing beverages. Drink as a soothing tea for tummy troubles or find it as an added ingredient in ointments to help skin conditions.

These are just some of the wonderful ways to use lemon balm. As with all herbal medicines, always seek advice from a health care practitioner, especially if you're pregnant or you're taking other medication such as sedatives, thyroid medication or HIV drugs. Do you use lemon balm and if so, how do you find it helps you?


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