8 Wondrous Ways to Relieve PMS Symptoms ...


8 Wondrous Ways to Relieve PMS Symptoms ...
8 Wondrous Ways to Relieve PMS Symptoms ...

We typically don’t think of ways to relieve PMS symptoms until we’re actually in a lot of pain and suffering. But instead of waiting around until we feel unwell, let’s be proactive about this matter and discuss some of the simple ways we can help ourselves feel better! Being on our period is the pits, but there are numerous ways to relieve PMS symptoms and make things a little bit easier on ourselves!

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Before we start talking about ways to relieve PMS symptoms, I wanted to mention a super easy way you can prevent them. I think we’re all aware that calcium is an important vitamin for women, but taking 1200 milligrams of it a day can help prevent at least half of the most common symptoms of PMS, like moodiness, cramps and depression! Before you go to the store for a bottle of supplements, try getting your daily dose of calcium through foods like cheese, flax seeds, almonds, tofu and green, leafy veggies!


Cut the Caffeine

If you want to get relief from PMS symptoms, one of the best things you can do is to cut out the caffeine during that time of the month. I know, it’s totally unfathomable for me to even function without coffee in the morning, but studies show that the effects of caffeine are actually amplified during PMS. That means that breast tenderness and changes in mood can actually be exacerbated if you drink caffeine. Instead, try drinking a soothing herbal tea or decaff coffee.



I know, exercise might seem like the last thing on your list of to-dos for PMS relief but it really helps! If you’ve got cramps or just feel down in the dumps, it can be really hard to get psyched for a workout but it’ll help get your mind off of your symptoms and help relieve mood symptoms. Walking, swimming and yoga are great options, and when done regularly you can help prevent PMS symptoms also!


Eat Chocolate

Can you believe that eating chocolate is one of the ways you can get PMS relief?! Before you start stocking up your chocolate stash, keep in mind that not all chocolate is created equal. Enjoying chocolate of any type in moderation is fine but if you want to help relieve PMS symptoms, choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao as it contains magnesium, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can help boost your mood!


Primrose Oil

Primrose oil is a medicinal herb that can also help give you relief from PMS. It contains a high concentration of GLA, which is a fatty acid that can help improve the elasticity of skin. It can also help with cell structure, so it can help keep your hair, skin and nails healthy. In addition to that, it can help decrease menstrual cramps, breast tenderness and cravings for carbs! Ask your doctor if Primrose oil is something you can benefit from.


Avoid Salt

One of the main symptoms of PMS is feeling bloated and retaining water, which can make you appear puffy. In order to decrease these symptoms and prevent them from getting any worse, try cutting out excess salt and avoiding salty foods while you’re PMS-ing. Steer clear of processed foods, salty deli meats, chips or crackers. If you’re craving something crunchy, try unsalted nuts or fresh veggies.



We’ve mentioned calcium already but there are other vitamins that you might want to look into taking also. Magnesium, B6 and vitamin E are other important vitamins that your body needs, especially during that trying time of the month. Supplementing with these vitamins can help with breast tenderness, sugar cravings and an overall decrease in PMS symptoms.



Although it can be hard to get proper sleep when you’re bombarded with PMS symptoms, it’s very important to get sufficient sleep. Being sleep deprived can make us cranky and it’s necessary to get enough sleep to level out our moods during that time of the month. Take a pain reliever at night to get through the night and take naps if needed in order to balance out moods and feel better!

Why suffer through nagging PMS symptoms when there are lots of ways you can help yourself get relief?! These are just a few of the ways you can give yourself a reprieve from aches, pains and mood swings. What are some of your favorite ways to relieve PMS symptoms?

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I always put a heating pad in my stomach where the pain is or on my back and it helps tremendously. I definitely recommend it :)

This post is a miracle! I am pms-ing at the moment as well lol

A lot of thanks!! Right now I'm experiencing PMS and your post helped me a lot :)

I definitely won't complain about chocolate :)

Thank you, I need this as I pms

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