7 Best Ways to Care for Your Breasts ...


7 Best Ways to Care for Your Breasts ...
7 Best Ways to Care for Your Breasts ...

Not all women have the advantage of knowing ways to care for your breasts, and I’d love to change that! As women, caring for our breasts is an important part of our health and body image! If you are a mother, chances are your breasts have or will nourish your children. And breasts are a statement of our womanhood every single day! So be in the know on ways to care for your breasts!

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Find the Right Bra

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to care for your breasts has to do with wearing the right bra! Over time, sagging breasts will pull on ligaments and stretch them out. You need a bra that will hold your breasts in place, and give them lift! This will cut down on health risks and back pain. Go for a professional fitting to determine which size is your true size. Most women wear the wrong size bra their entire lives without even knowing it.


Moisturize Daily

Breasts actually have the most tender, thin, and sensitive skin on your whole body! It’s up to you to keep that area moisturized and well protected from dry skin. Use a thick cream, and apply it daily. It will only take a few minutes, and your breasts will thank you!


Use Sunscreen

Don’t ever assume that just because your breasts are covered that they aren’t susceptible to sun damage. As mentioned before, breasts have the most tender skin on the body, so slather on sunscreen religiously. Most dermatologists will recommend an SPF of 60 or more for this area of your body.


Perform Self-Exams Monthly

If breast cancer has a history in your family, this tip is crucial to remember. It’s a good idea for us all, really! Catching a lump early on has been what has saved many a woman’s life-and her breast! It’s easy to perform a monthly self-exam of the breast, and your gynecologist can show you how. The best place to do this is in the shower with soapy hands, or while applying lotion to the breasts.


Check in with Your Gyno

As previously mentioned, you should perform self-exams often for the health of your breasts, but don’t let that make you feel safe enough to skip your yearly visit to the gynecologist. Besides getting your breasts professionally examined, your gynecologist can schedule you for a mammogram, which is recommended every few years from your 40s and on up. She or he will also be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your over-all female health.


Eat Healthy Foods

What you eat has so much to do with how healthy you are, and this pertains to your breasts as much as any other part of your body. You should maintain a well-balanced, nutritious diet for your over-all well being, but when it comes to your breasts, there are a few things you can eat that will reduce the chances of you getting breast cancer as well as fight against it. Peaches, plums, salmon, broccoli, olive oil, coffee, and walnuts are just a few things to make sure you add to your diet for the benefit of your breasts!


Watch Your Weight

Sounds crazy, but there’s a good reason behind it! Overweight women have a greater risk for breast cancer, but that’s not all. Extra fat can stretch out your skin, making it difficult to keep your breasts from sagging, which can lead to torn ligaments and lots of bruising and breast/back pain. Try to maintain an ideal weight for the health of your breasts, and for good body image too!

Remember, caring for your breasts has to do with body image as much as anything else. If you don’t love your body enough to care for it, then you could face serious issues down the road. What are your tips for ways to best care for your breasts? Please comment below with your own tips, we love to hear from our readers!

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Very nice.. I am a nursing student and am impressed by this article

I just got two new bras today they are so comfortable

Great tips. Thank you! I love lifting weights so routines involving my pectorals are excellent ways for me to give my breasts a natural lift.

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Wow so much great advice from this amazing app <3

These tips are great! I have big breasts and I was thinking about the best way possible to keep them healthy and nice looking. Thank you! :)

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