7 Ear Care Tips ...


7 Ear Care Tips ...
7 Ear Care Tips ...

Ears are important parts of our bodies and some do not pay much attention to them, then you have others that give way too much attention to them. In the blog posting below, I am going to give you 7 ear care tips that you should pay attention to and take into consideration.

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By using soap or your facial caring products, you will be able to clean the outer part of your ears. A specialist told me that simply by washing your hair with a good lathered shampoo, you will be giving your ears a good cleaning.


Ear Cleaning

Like I said, some pay too much attention to their ears by giving vigorous cleaning each day. I will tell you that this is not good for your ears. I know, you may think that cleaning them vigorously every day is taking care of them and making sure that they stay clean, but this is not always so, especially not with ears. The internal ear canal is coated with a layer of soft, thin skin. Cleaning it vigorously, every day, can ruin the soft, thin skin.


Cotton Swab

I know some that clean their ears with a cotton swab and this is not good – not for the inner part. Some even use ear wax removal drops. Using ear wax drops and cotton swabs can damage the ears.


Pierced Ears

For those of you that have pierced ears, you need to clean the earlobes and earrings frequently with some rubbing alcohol. There are alternatives to alcohol, which you can find in the piercing shops.



I know, when that ear scratches, you just can't help but to reach up there and scratch this itch, but you may be causing more harm than good when you do this. You should not scratch your ears with unclean fingers or any other thing you have sitting around. This could cause an infection.


Wear Hearing Protection

Whenever you are going to be exposed to loud noise at home or work, you should wear some hearing protection. As an example, leaf blowing, mowing the lawn, using power tools and at concerts – you should wear hearing protection.


Wax Build up

If you have lots of wax built up in your ear (this will happen from time to time), then you need to go to a professional to get the wax removed. The ear is way too sensitive to try to do anything about it yourself. Cleaning those ears is not like washing your face, knees, elbows or even your nose – those ears take special care.

There you have 7 ear car tips that are going to help you out. Also, while we are on this subject about ears – if you have a ringing in your ears, then you may have tinnitus and should speak to a professional. Trust me, I know exactly how annoying tinnitus can be. So, have you broken any of my rules from the tips I have given you?

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