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7 Tips for Saving Your Eyesight ...

By Lyndsie

Because I spend so much time on the computer and so much time writing, I am constantly worried about my eyesight. If you have a similar job and spend a lot of time staring at computer screens, you're probably worried about saving your eyesight too. It's a legitimate worry in such a technologically driven world. There are things you can do to keep your eyes healthy, though, beginning with the following tips for saving your eyesight.

1 Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is an excellent way to protect your eyesight. If you can keep your eyes safe from UV rays, you lessen the risk of getting cataracts. Plus, you keep your retinas from getting damage, you reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and you can even prevent the likelihood of skin cancer.

2 Eat Properly

Eating the right foods is helpful as well. If you have certain vitamin deficiencies, then your retinas and the way they function can be drastically impaired. You need to eat lots of vegetables – not carrots some much, despite the myth, although they can help. In generally, however, green leafy vegetables are your best bet. You especially need to eat foods with high amounts of zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and omega 3 fatty acids.


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3 Exercise Your Eyes

It sounds weird to say that you should exercise your eyes – but they have muscles, so it makes sense. Actually, just going through your daily exercise routine can benefit your eyes as well. Exercise really does help the whole body. Yoga is supposed to help your eyes a lot as well.

4 Eye Exams

You need to get regular eye exams. Part of the reason is so you can get that awful glaucoma test, where they blow air into your eyeball at a forcible rate, which I hate. But it's good for you. Plus, it's crucial for you to know what kind of shape your eyes are in each year.

5 Know Your History

You need to know your own medical history and the medical history of your immediate family. If your family has a history of bifocals, trifocals, astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts, and so on, you and your optometrist both need to be aware of it, so you can keep an eye out for those things. Pardon the pun there.

6 Don't Get Fatigued

You need to keep your eyes from getting too fatigued as well. There are a number of ways to do this, such as making sure that you keep to the 20/20/20 rule. What that means is that, at 20 minute intervals, you need to look away from your work, focus on something that is 20 feet away, and look at it for 20 seconds.

7 Protect Your Eyes

Finally, you need to generally protect your eyes. What that means is that when you are in dangerous situations, when you are playing sports or things like that, you need to keep your eyes protected from debris. If you wear contacts, make sure they're clean. You need to avoid getting anything in your eyes, because even the tiniest pieces of debris can call damage.

Your eyes are important, so saving your eyesight is vital as well. Hopefully you've found these tips for saving your eyesight helpful. Do you have any tips to add?

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