10 Amazing and Simple Ways to Relieve Stress ...


10 Amazing and Simple Ways to Relieve Stress ...
10 Amazing and Simple Ways to Relieve Stress ...

Stress is unavoidable and that is the biggest truth of our lives today. What can we do to relieve stress just a little bit? Guest contributor Rotem may be able to help you with her post. Thanks Rotem!

Hi girls! Below are few simple ways to make stressful situations a bit easier to deal with.

First off, think about your situation and ask yourself, why you're stressed. Is it something you can change, or is it something you have no control over? Remember, "If you can change it, don't worry about it. If you can't change it, why worry about it?" Of course it is very hard to control your negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts. So here are a few tips on how to make it easier.

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Clean/Organize Your Room/purse/car

I know this sounds a bit strange, but when I do so, I feel like I'm organizing my life. It sounds weird, but I believe a messy room/purse/car gives off a stressful vibe. Your room should be your happy place! Redecorate, buy new furniture, or just organize your closet. You will feel much better, as well as distract yourself from the stress you're experiencing!


Work out & Exercise

Every time I work out, I feel 100x better physically & mentally. It is a healthy way to relieve stress & anxiety, while getting fit at the same time! Take a yoga, pilates, or even boxing class! Make this a daily routine, and your focus will transfer into being productive rather than drowning yourself in sorrow, anxiety or depression.


Watch Re-runs of Your Favorite Show/Watch Your Favorite Movie

When I do so, my mind goes back to another place, a better time. It will also distract you for a little while until you stop stressing. Many shows & movies also have a message that can help you deal with your situation. Or you can watch a comedy, and simply laugh it out!



Talk to your mother/father, sibling, a friend, or your boyfriend. Anyone you feel you can trust. Write in a blog, a diary, a letter. Just vent! Let out your pain, anger, or depression, whatever it is you are stressing about. It is never healthy to bottle it up. Sometimes, it is even healthy to cry (but not for too long!!). Ask for advice, or just for someone to listen.


Retail Therapy

My personal favorite. Shopping completely takes my mind off stressful situations, while purchasing fabulous new products. Or you can window shop, and simply try on outfits, jewelry, etc. Does it get any better?


Find Your Passion

My passion is makeup & fashion, so I started a blog. Specifically to reduce my stress & anxiety, as well as providing useful information for other girls out there! Turn your stress into something productive & positive. If you like sports, join a team. If you like photography, post your photos online. If you love fashion, design clothes. If you love music, create it! Share your passion with others and get some feedback.


Surround Yourself with Positive & Mature People

One thing I've learned is that negative people will impact your life negatively. Cut off the people who are toxic for you, even if it means you are left alone. You are your own priority. Be independent, your future is all that matters. Surround yourself with loving and caring family and friends who will help guide you to happiness, success, and positivity.


Listen to Music

Of course! Music is the best therapy. "When words fail, music speaks." Listen to songs that bring you back to a better time. Whatever type of music makes you happy! The last thing you want to do is listen to music that brings you down. Remember, you have the power to control your emotions, thoughts and feelings. Take control by choosing to bring your mood up. Any song, lyric, or instrument that brings you happiness, use it!


Realize This is Temporary

Nothing lasts forever. The feeling that you're feeling will eventually subside. Happiness will come sooner or later. Only you can decide how soon. So stay strong, and deal with the stress as best as you can & you will get through it in the best way possible. You are stronger than you think.


Everything Happens for a Reason

The only reason we stress is because we worry about bad situations. Maybe it is as small as a bad haircut, or maybe as bad as mourning a loved one's death. Believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. Control your thoughts to believe that bad things happen so that we can learn from them and better ourselves. "Every failure is a stepping stone to success." Create your destiny.

We have all been through hardships that have helped shaped who we are today. If you waste time regretting, you will not better yourself. By learning to control our thoughts, we can become happier in every tough situation. The adversity we go through teaches us to appreciate everything that we have. Life is too short to worry about the minor things. Learn from the bad things and use them to better yourself, your life & your future.

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Aw thank you for the wonderful comments! Such a good feeling to help others. So glad you guys found it helpful!! Means the world xoxox:)

Thanks rotem for such a nice article,u have no idea how much u hv touched our heart ,me n my hubby,its true we need to cut off the toxic one..

gets me down :)

Thanks for the tips

Good tips. Will definitely use some

Great tips

Working out really does help!

Super love this one, thanks

Working out totally relieves my stress! Or at least for a while

I really enjoyed this article. It is so true. A wise man once told me, "The state of your room is the state of your mind." And following the rest of the nine other tips, I realized that it's taken me a quarter of a century to realize these tips... but I had to start with my room. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. What is potential energy becomes kinetic when we focus on bettering ourselves instead of wanting to put the blame for our situation on someone else or ignore it completely. We could instead, take the time to move forward with our lives: join a group workout class where you destress with other women trying to better their health, take a hobby and turn it into a project as Rotem did! Destressing for her turned into a blog that helps other women! Charity, afterall, is a great way to destress as well. Sometimes putting yourself aside to pick yourself up can be a true mood lift. Thanks, Rotem, for a truly good article. I hope you don't remain a guest. c;

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