10 Ways to Relax Your Mind ...


10 Ways to Relax Your Mind ...
10 Ways to Relax Your Mind ...

We live in a chaotic world and it’s so to get caught up in it all, but in order to keep functioning properly; you need to find ways to relax your mind and break free from all the stress and drama of life. We all need to take a step back once in awhile to rejuvenate our minds and bodies. Here are 10 Ways to Relax Your Mind and break free from brain clutter!

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We hear it all the time, but when we feel stressed or anxious we tend to take more shallow breaths when breathing deeply is soothing. Try it out, when you’re more aware of your breathing and breathe deeply and with purpose, it feels good. When you’re nervous about something or stressed, concentrating on breathing can do wonders! It's one of the ways to relax your mind that will also relax your body.



People have been spilling secrets to diaries for centuries and for good reason. Putting your thoughts and feelings on paper can be a very effective way to relax your mind. Many times we encounter things that we just don’t want to talk about and writing is a great way to get it all out. I’ve reread journals from way back and feel really good knowing I got through a difficult time.



Engaging in some physical activity can do great things for your body and is an excellent way to relax your mind at the same time. Even though moving around might seem counterintuitive, exercise is cathartic and can aid you in clearing your mind and relieving stress. Try yoga or some light cardio to divert your attention from your worries and help unclutter your mind.



Reaching for an alcoholic beverage or coffee might sound good but if you‘re looking for ways to calm your mind, alcohol or caffeine won’t help. Instead, try an herbal tea and take in the soothing fragrance and flavor to help clear your head and relax. Chamomile or Peppermint are great tension-relieving teas and can help relax your body and brain.



Turn on relaxing music and tune out the world around you. Listening to music is a nice way to relax your mind and concentrate on the soothing sounds. It might be best to choose music without any lyrics as you might find it distracting, but any genre you enjoy works. Check out this 8-minute track by Marconi Union called «Weightless» which was dubbed the most relaxing song ever.




No, I’m not preaching some New Age poppycock! What I mean is to find a quiet are and be alone, close your eyes and allow your mind to go blank. I’ve tried it, so I know it’s not easy to let your mind go blank and sit still, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Meditation can be whatever you want it to be, you don’t have to chant, just sit and close your eyes, the key is to do nothing!



I know you have lots of important things going on, but relaxing the mind and reducing stress means scaling down on commitments. You can’t say no to everything, but you don’t have to say yes to it all either. Committing to more things than you can handle only leads to more stress , so the next time you are asked to do something, only say yes if you have enough time and energy to devote to it, delegate or pass.



Certain foods have relaxation-inducing properties. Chocolate and peanut butter contain ingredients that can help you reduce stress as well as increasing levels of serotonin and melatonin. Seratonin plays an important role in regulating mood and sleep and can help you feel calmer. Melatonin is widely known for helping people sleep, thus eating foods that contain melatonin can help you feel more relaxed.



When we feel overwhelmed and stressed, we tend to bottle things up or continuously ruminate when the best thing to do is vent to a trusted friend. Talking to a friend is a therapeutic way to relax your mind while building a bond with a pal. It’s helpful to talk things out and get a friend’s thoughts on things. Sometimes simply putting thoughts into words can help clarify things and clear your head.



Venture outside and take a walk. A change in scenery is a great method to unclog your brain and de-stress. There are many places you can go that has serene settings that are relaxing such as walking through a park or garden. Sidestep fluorescent lighting, small workspaces and AC on overdrive for fresh air and sunlight to clear your head and see things in a different light.

There are tons of easy ways to relax your mind and unclog your brain from all the pandemonium in your life. Don’t ever feel guilty about taking time out to do things for yourself, it’s imperative that you take care of yourself and acquire methods to relax!

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