8 Effective Ways to Stay Naturally Energized ...


8 Effective Ways to Stay Naturally Energized ...
8 Effective Ways to Stay Naturally Energized ...

There are many ways to stay energized without relying on coffee, energy drinks, or other similar stimulants. In fact, staying energized naturally is quite easy, once you know how to do it and what will help you do so. By keeping things natural, you'll not only be more energized, you also won't suffer through any crashes and you'll just generally feel better! If you're eager to learn how to feel more energized without relying on Starbucks, Red Bull, or things of that nature, just keep reading – I've got you covered!

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Move to the Music

One of the best ways to stay energized is incredibly simple: listen to inspiring or motivational music. It can be anything you like, anything that really gets you going. Put together a special play list – or several of them. Make one for every mood, selections you know make you feel full of pep and vigor no matter what. It might be classical, it might be a soundtrack, a particular band, or different themes and subjects. Whatever it is, wake up to it if you can, and definitely listen to it throughout the day, especially when you feel yourself start to lag.


Sleep More

It goes without saying that another great way to stay energized is to get plenty of sleep. The more sleep you get, the better you feel throughout the following day. You have to be well rested to have any substantial energy, so do what you can to increase the amount of sleep you get. Get to bed at a decent hour, especially if you have to get up early the next day. And rest assured (haha): catnaps and power naps are fine. They end up being their own reward.


Stay Active

Being active every day is a great way to keep your energy up. If you have a job that requires lots of sitting in one place, make sure you get up, walk around, and generally move every day. If you're at home a lot or spend many hours of week in the classroom, do the same. Beyond daily activity, it's good to make time for proper exercise as well, whether it's a bike ride, a walk with a friend, a partner, a child, a group, or a pet, or a visit to the gym.


Drink Water Instead

Paying close attention to what you drink is one of the most essential ways to stay energized. While caffeine based drinks give you a jolt, it's temporary. Drinking lots of water makes you feel more awake and energized all day long. When you don't drink enough water, you start to get dehydrated, and a lack of energy coupled with a feeling of fatigue are both symptoms of dehydration. So drink up! Your body needs it!


Improve Your Diet

Staying energized naturally means eating right as well. Junk food and fattening things, like fast food, make you feel so tired. Seriously, Supersize Me was no joke – you can go into a McFood Coma when you eat too much fast food! Make sure you're incorporating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, along with lean protein. Stay away from soda and too much coffee, make sure you get the right carbs, and don't forget about fiber!


Burn off the Burnout

Do you ever feel burned out because of work or school? Don't worry, it happens to everyone, even when you love what you do. There's still likely something that irritates you or gets under your skin. When you let that build up, it saps your energy. How can you deal with that? Just make sure that you don't bring your work home with you and that you make time for yourself every day. You need an outlet that lets you vent; once you find it, you'll be amazed at the results!


Get Some Fresh Air

In addition to getting plenty of exercise, getting lots of fresh air will keep you feeling invigorated as well. You have to get outside, even if you just play frisbee in the backyard, plant some flowers in the garden, or go to the park. Spend as much time outside as you can, each day that it's possible. Soon, you'll notice yourself feeling more and more energized!


You're Hot and You're Cold

This is actually a shower tip that I swear by. I can't remember where I first heard about it, but I've been doing it for years when I shower in the morning. It takes a lot to get used to, so you may have to start out slow. However, when you're in the shower, alternating between hot (or just warm!) and cold (or just cool) water really gets your blood pumping. The cold water gives you a shock while the warm water helps soothe you, and the combination can keep you going for hours!

As you can see, there are lots of natural ways to stay energized, many of which are just as easy as brewing a cup of coffee. These techniques are so much healthier for you than taking a shot of 5 Hour Energy or something. Sometimes you need coffee or energy drinks or something else to get you over the hump, I'm the first one to admit that, but if you want to moderate and if you'd rather rely on healthier methods, you can easily do that. Do you have any other tips for staying energized naturally?

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