8 Helpful Tips when You Need to Calm down ...


8 Helpful Tips when You Need to Calm down ...
8 Helpful Tips when You Need to Calm down ...

Do you need tips to calm down? Are you easily angry or agitated? When you get worked up, for whatever reason, it can be very difficult to know how to calm down. Whether you?re the type of person who loses your temper, or gets easily stressed, you may often feel that you?re losing control of the situation. Here are some tips on how to calm down – and avoid making the situation worse.

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Keep Quiet

Sometimes, however tempting it is to speak your mind, the best option is to keep quiet. When might this be? Perhaps saying what you think would only inflame the situation, it?s not really your fight, or you?re too angry yourself. Think about whether the smart choice is to stay quiet on this occasion – let the other person have the last word.


Senseless Squabbles

Most arguments are pointless. Unless you really need to defend yourself or make a stand, it?s often best to avoid getting into verbal fights that lead nowhere. Think of how easy it is to get into internet arguments. What does that achieve? Saying no to senseless squabbles avoids wasting your time and getting yourself even more worked up; instead of continuing to argue with a stranger, learn how to calm down by putting an end to the argument.


Walk Away

When confronted with an argumentative person in real life, the smart thing to do is walk away. Is it really so important to ?win? an argument? Refusing to engage in a dispute with them defuses the situation and denies them the excuse they are looking for to continue. And if you?re the angry one, then definitely take ?time out?, so that you give yourself the chance to calm down and avoid acting rashly.


Delay Action

Perhaps you genuinely have reason to be angry. However, it?s often best to calm down before acting. When you are furious, you?re not in the best place to present your case. If you have a complaint, for example, losing your temper will probably lead to people refusing to deal with you. Plus you?re probably yelling at the wrong person.


Natural Methods

One of the best tips to calm down when you are anxious is to take a natural product like Rescue Remedy. It?s a combination of Bach Flower Remedies that many people swear by. Natural methods like this won?t lead to dependence, and are easy to carry with you in case of need. Sometimes, just knowing that you have it close at hand will be reassurance enough.


Deep Breaths

This is one of the simplest tips to calm down. When we get agitated, we start to breath too quickly, the adrenalin starts pumping … and before we know it, we?re in panic or stress mode. When you find yourself getting worked up, stop. Take some deep breaths. Your body will start to relax, and so will your mind.


Stress Stops

Removing the cause of your stress is also very helpful. Depending on what it is, this may not always be easy. However, tackling the reasons why you are stressed will give you an opportunity to take control, which allows you to feel calmer. So try to identify what is bothering you, and do something about it.


Quiet Place

Sometimes, taking yourself off to a quiet place when you?re stressed or worked up can help you to calm down. Not only does it remove you from the situation that is stressing you, but being in a calm surrounding has a corresponding effect on your emotional and physical state. It?s especially important to have a quiet place if you have stresses that you can?t avoid dealing with.

If you need to know how to calm down, then follow whichever of these tips best applies to your situation. Whether you?re prone to anxiety, or quick to anger, learning how to stay calm will be far more effective than getting worked up or angry. Have you any unusual tips to calm down – anything that might seem odd, but works for you?

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