50 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life and Just Relax ...

By Neecey

50 Ways to Reduce Stress  in Your Life and Just Relax  ...

Stress is a modern curse. Too many things to do in too little time is a common complaint. Let it get on top of you and stress becomes debilitating and works against everything you want to achieve. And don’t forget, it can seriously impact your health too. It’s important to recognize when you’re stressed and also know a menu of ways to combat it. Choose some of these for your personal stress-busting arsenal.

1 Candles

Make the most of scented candles; smells like lavender are great for relieving stress.

2 Reading

Lose yourself in a great book. It will provide some much needed escapism.

3 Massage

Enjoy a massage from a professional; you will literally feel the tension slide away.

4 Take a Bath

Treat yourself to a hot bubble bath. Your stiff joints and tight muscles will thank you for it.

5 Do Something You Love

Go window shopping or take a long walk. Do a jigsaw, Bake some cookies.

6 Breathe

Take slow, deep breaths; it’s an easy and efficient way to help the body relax.

7 Pet Your Pet

Play with your pet. Stroking a cat is a particularly good way to reduce blood pressure.

8 Cook

Rustle up a nice meal; there is relaxation to be found in being in complete control of something.

9 Get outside

Go for a run. The endorphins you create will give you a feeling of euphoria.

10 Challenge Yourself

Push yourself and do something extreme, like snowboarding or skiing. It’s exhilarating!

11 Do Some Yoga

Yoga eases your tense muscles and encourages you to focus on your breathing.

12 Daydream

Have a little daydream; there is nothing wrong with spending a few minutes a day in a fantasyland!

13 Write in Your Diary

Keeping a diary can be really therapeutic and help you release stored up emotions.

14 Jig about

Dance like nobody is watching. It can be such a freeing experience!

15 Laugh

Watch a truly funny comedy; there is something to be said for the phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’.

16 Go to the Beach

Watch the waves breaking at the beach, there is something really calming and mesmerizing about it.

17 Take a Nap

Sometimes all our body needs to relax is an extra 30 minutes of sleep in a day.

18 Therapy

Seek some professional help. Seeing a therapist might help you to reduce your problems.

19 Do Chores

Complete some easy tasks like cleaning and gardening. You’ll get a boost of satisfaction.

20 Be a Gamer Girl

Play a video game for an hour; it’s helpful to lose yourself in another universe for a little bit.

21 Work out

Exercise in any way you want to. Your body and mind will benefit from it.

22 Take a Hot Shower

The warm water rushing over you can release a lot of pent up tension.

23 Get Outdoors

Go camping with friends or family. There is nothing quite like sleeping under the stars.

24 Treat Yourself to One of Your Naughty Pleasures

A little bit of chocolate cake can do wonders for a stressful day!

25 Take a Day off from Work

Sometimes all we need is one day out of the ordinary in which we can recharge our batteries.

26 Learn to Play an Instrument

The focus and satisfaction you get from progress can make you feel really good.

27 Have a Cup of Herbal Tea

There are lots of teas with healing properties. A nice cup of tea can really help to ease tension.

28 Go Shopping

Sometimes a little bit of retail therapy can work wonders for your stressful day.

29 Remember Halcyon Days

Shut your eyes and visualize happier moments. It might seem silly but it gives your mind a jolt of happiness.

30 Meditate

A period of quiet meditation can help to take your mind off negative thoughts.

31 Take Your Dog for a Walk

It gives you bonding time with your pet and a nice opportunity to get some fresh air.

32 Listen to Music

Listen to some of your favorite songs; the physical and mental response can be one of great happiness.

33 Lean on a Friend

Talk to a friend about your feelings. It does no good to keep things bottled up.

34 Lap the House

It sounds silly, but run around your house five times! A quick burst of energy can often ward off negative thoughts and feelings.

35 Dine out

Go to your favorite restaurant. Great food can be so comforting in times of need.

36 Family Time

Spend time with friends and family and try to laugh as much as you can.

37 Go Rural

Get out to the countryside if you live in a city. The change of atmosphere is startling.

38 Device Detox

Turn off all of your electronic devices and have an offline period to let your brain rest!

39 Go on a Hike

The combination of exercise and great scenery can be really therapeutic.

40 Get Stretching

Do not underestimate the power of good old-fashioned stretch; you can literally feel your muscles losing tension!

41 Paint a Picture

Painting is a fun and creative way to let your mind unwind on to a canvas.

42 Get Some Fresh Air

It’s a simple as that. Open up all the windows in your home and let the outside in.

43 Take a Relaxing Vacation

Sometimes we just need to get away from it all, if only for a week.

44 Chill

Sit still and do nothing for half an hour. To slow down your pace of life for just a small amount of time can be very relaxing.

45 Water Therapy

Go to your nearest river and watch the stream run by; natural therapy at its best.

46 Beach Comb

Go down to the beach and collect shells. It's fun to find different ones and you can craft with them as another way to unwind.

47 Photo Memories

Do a spot of reminiscing by getting out old photo albums and looking through them.

48 Put Your Feet up

Not only is it comfortable but it actually has medical benefits too.

49 Go to a Local Sporting Event

Sports games are a great public place to be able to let out some aggression!

50 Sit or Lay on the Grass on Your Garden

Being close to nature, even just grass, can be very relaxing.

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