10 Tips to Take Care of You when Life Gets Too Crazy ...


10 Tips to Take Care of You when Life Gets Too Crazy ...
10 Tips to Take Care of You when Life Gets Too Crazy ...

Everyone experiences little blips when life gets out of control crazy. For me that time usually comes when my son is in the midst of basketball season and he practices for hours every night and has several games per week. It just ended for this year, but I can attest to the need for a little TLC when everything around you is so crazy. Feeling the same? Try one of these simple things to help you get back a sense of control and feel like things have slowed down just a bit. You’ll be so glad you did.

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Take a Hot Bath

Even if it’s a short one, soaking in warm water is a really powerful way to relax and unwind. Experts suggest filling the tub with water that is as hot as you can stand and then soaking for at least 20 minutes. The heat soothes tense muscles and lets you focus on yourself. Just don’t do the hot water too often or you’ll wind up with dry, itchy skin.


Drink More Water

It’s amazing what being well hydrated can do for your energy levels. When you feel a slump coming on, a glass of water can really do a lot to make you feel better. Plus, being hydrated makes for better skin, hair and overall health so you want to get enough anyway. Carry a water bottle with you to make it easy to sip as often as you need to.


Go to Bed Early Tonight

Yes, I know this is easier said than done, but you’ll thank yourself for doing it. After a crazy busy day, week or even month, sometimes just an extra hour of sleep can do wonders for the way you feel. Try delegating some tasks or rearranging your to-do list and hit the sack for some extra shut-eye. Sleep allows your body to refresh and restore so a little extra when you feel frazzled is really valuable.


Take a Social Media Break

If you don’t feel like you have time for some extra sleep or to take a bath, chances are you are allocating too much time to Facebook or Instagram. Trust me, it will all still be there tomorrow and taking a break from the constant updates and feeds can really help you feel relaxed. Use that time to eat a healthy meal, read a book or snuggle with your kids. You feel better already, don’t you?


Just Breathe for Two Minutes

You can find two minutes in your crazy, busy schedule to breathe, right? The simple act of slowing down and taking deep belly breaths will calm you instantly and it only takes a couple of minutes. The repetitive nature of breathing also helps center and calm you. You can do deep breathing anywhere so build it into your routine for an instant dose of “feel better.”


Go for a Short Walk

Walking is a great way to get blood flowing and heading out around the block when things get crazy and is a super easy way to boost energy and alertness and give your brain a break for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised at how refreshed and ready to face your schedule you are after a short walk. Take a friend and catch up on the gossip if you want to.


Make a Social Date with Friends or Family

Your kids, your spouse, your bestie and your family are the ones who are there to support and help you, so it makes sense to take time with them when things get out of hand. Maybe you spend the afternoon at the park with your kids or wander the mall with your significant other. Perhaps a cooking day with your mom is in order. Whatever it is, it gives you an outlet and lets you focus on yourself for a while.


Take a Steam

If you're a member of a fitness center that has a sauna, use it! Not only will it help you relax, but you'll sweat out all the toxins in your body which will have you feeling great on the inside as well. You'll enjoy the quick 15 minutes to yourself and you can even try to quietly meditate in there to clear your mind and relax.


Do Something You Enjoy

Set aside time everyday in your crazy, busy world, to do something for you. Even if it's saying you'll read one chapter in a book a day, or you're going to play 30 minutes of video games, you need that time to do something you enjoy to help keep you grounded when you feel your world's gone awry.


Put Yourself on a Schedule

You can't do everything in one day. By timing out your days, you won't pay more attention to one task than another and you will know when to cut yourself off to begin unwinding for the day. Sure, things come up so everyday may not go perfectly, but if you have a set schedule you're a lot less likely to feel overwhelmed with things around you.

Which of these ideas do you want to try first?

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Thanks for these tips !

This tips are real😍

I am definitely taking advice no 3 🐰

I know someone who kept inhaling the steam in the steam room in the gym and was affecting her lungs does anyone know why this was happening

These are sooo true! Especially the bath and going to bed early. They make a huge difference.

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