10 Easy Ways to Help You Let Go of Negative Energy in Your Life ...


10 Easy Ways to Help You Let Go of Negative Energy in Your Life ...
10 Easy Ways to Help You Let Go of Negative Energy in Your Life ...

Sometimes we get so caught up in the negative when everything seems to be going wrong and we really need to step away to pull things together again. Whether you realize it or not, our thoughts are often reflective of what happens in our life. Negative energy attracts negative people and positive people usually produce positive results. So change your frame of mind, get in a quiet space, lower the lights, lay down, relax and let go of all the negative energy. Good things happen to those with positive energy. So get in a happy place. And you can change your fate for the better!

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Go to a Quiet Space

image, beauty, hairstyle, supermodel, hand, Sometimes all the noise and distraction can really get to you. You may find yourself feeling in a funk with negative energy. The best thing you can do is just get to a quiet space. Studies show simply being in the quiet can lower your blood pressure and relax your nerves. Now push that negative energy away and meditate to let go and love life!


Lower the Lights

human action, human positions, physical fitness, sports, sitting, Bright lights can stress you out and even contribute to the negative energy you are feeling, so lower the lights and meditate. Just like that, you may find yourself feeling at ease as you let go of the negative energy! Go to a happy place and let go of anything that is bothering you. Meditate to adopt a brighter, fuller perspective and kick the negative to the curb.


Make Sure the Temperature is Comfortable

human positions, person, clothing, image, woman, If you are feeling too hot, or cold, you may find yourself just feeling out of sorts. So get comfortable in your skin, take a deep breath and meditate to go to a happier and healthier place. You need to stop allowing negative thoughts to seep in, put a smile on your face and get in a comfort zone with yourself. And ensuring your body temperature is comfortable is a great start!


Lay on Your Back

arm, leg, hand, physical fitness, sense, Simply laying on your back can lower your heart rate, blood pressure and get you into a relaxed state. Close your eyes, imagine your favorite destination and go there in your mind. Meditate to better your physical and mental health and let go of all that is causing you stress.


Take a Yoga Class

dress, lady, beauty, spring, fashion, Yoga is great for relaxation, stretching the joints and easing the mind. Let go of all the relationship, work and everyday stress by meditating in a yoga class. In this class you may meet like-minded people all there to do the same exact thing - to just let go of the negative and see the light of each day!


Get a Massage

furniture, sitting, human positions, leg, chair, Head to the local spa to get a massage with some relaxing aromatherapy scents. Scents like lavender, or peppermint can help you to relax your body and mind. Take deep breaths and meditate. You will be so relaxed, you may even doze off during the massage. This is usually what happens to me and I seriously feel like I wake up as a new woman! Think positive thoughts and let go of yourself!


Go for a Walk or Run

hair, clothing, active undergarment, barechestedness, supermodel, My daily meditation is pretty much a ritual of running or walking. It may not seem relaxing to you but as you exercise you let go of all the stress, worries and rigors of the day. Try it and you will see and feel the difference in your daily life. In just a few miles, your energy feels as if it has transformed for the better. Exercise makes you feel more positive and you will have a better grasp on your life!


Try Breathing Exercises

human action, sports, human positions, physical fitness, yoga, There are many different forms of stress relief breathing such as controlled breathing. This allows you to focus solely on your breathing, helping you free your mind of negative energies as well as control your body to help deal with anxiety and stress.


Dance It out

clothing, sports, leg, physical fitness, swimwear, While it's not necessarily meditating, a lot of times if you crank the music up and just let all of your emotions out through dance (think Grey's Anatomy and their dance parties) you will boost endorphins in your body as well as have a fun outlet to let all the bad stuff go!


Meditate to Alleviate Stress

human action, sports, physical fitness, muscle, arm, Whether you find a quiet space to reflect, you do yoga, or you read more into what meditation actually entails and start with that, meditation is such a positive activity to involve yourself in. It is a great way to relieve stress, to center yourself in a world filled with chaos, and it could even help guide you in the direction of answers to burning questions you have within.

So go ahead and look up at the beautiful sky, feel the beauty of each day and make the most out of your life after you meditate. Let go of the bad and see the good in everything!

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