7 Ridiculously Healthy Benefits of Drinking Rooibos Tea ...


7 Ridiculously Healthy Benefits of Drinking Rooibos Tea ...
7 Ridiculously Healthy Benefits of Drinking Rooibos Tea ...

As an herbal tea nut, I’m always researching new herbal teas to try, and since discovering the health benefits of rooibos tea two years ago, it has been a staple in my herbal tea routine. Rooibos tea is one of the best teas anyone could use because it has versatile uses, benefits, and it tastes great! Rooibos tea, which is also known as red tea, has a sweet, almost vanilla like taste, which makes it great for taming a sweet tooth. It comes from the leaves of the South African red bush plant, which is caffeine-free and smooth tasting. Rooibos technically means “red bush,” so if you see this delicious tea marketed as red tea, you’re getting the exact same thing as you would if you bought something labeled rooibos. Rooibos is just beautiful in its vibrantly red, cranberry color and it isn’t only refreshing, but also makes a beautiful beverage to drink! With all the health benefits of rooibos tea out there, there's no excuse not to try some if you haven't already. Pour yourself a glass of iced rooibos tea for a refreshing taste, or enjoy a cozy hot mug of tea next time you need something to warm you up!

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Caffeine Free

One of the biggest health benefits of rooibos tea is that it is caffeine free. This is great for a couple of reasons. First, it allows you to sip on this delicious tea as much as you want, without overdosing on caffeine for the day. A little caffeine from high quality coffee and green tea has been proven beneficial, however too much can make you jittery, leaving your adrenal glands exhausted and giving you a terrible caffeine crash later in the day. Rooibos tea actually alkalizes the body to an extent, like all herbal teas, so you can enjoy this after your morning cup of coffee and be jitter free and completely refreshed at the same time.


It Provides Calming Energy

One of my favorite qualities of rooibos tea is that it is extremely energizing, but in a calming manner. Much like green tea or matcha green tea, rooibos has the ability to enhance mental focus, fight inflammation that leads to fatigue and can help with that afternoon slump many of us get. It won’t give you any jitters whatsoever, and because it is naturally so sweet, you don’t even have to add sweetener unless you want to.


It is High in Antioxidants

Rooibos is well known for its extremely high antioxidant content. It contains flavonoids, just like superfoods such as acai berries, chocolate and gogi berries contain, so it fights aging and enhances your skin's pigmentation. It even helps reduce wrinkles and is well known to clear acne due to its antioxidant capabilities. I notice my skin seems to have this beautiful glow when I drink it everyday and love how my skin is smoother overall. These same flavonoids have even been linked to preventing cancer and reducing cancer in the body as well, much like those in green tea.


It Helps with Exercise Recovery

Many athletes, such as Brendan Brazier, owner and creator of Vega products, have been fans of rooibos for years. Rooibos is great for fighting muscle pain post-exercise. It contains certain compounds that fight inflammation in the muscles and help reduce pain within an hour or so after drinking it. Rooibos contains such high nutrients that they bring the same relief you would get from popping an ibuprofen or drinking a cup of coffee without an ounce of caffeine involved.


It is Great for Your Heart

Your heart loves the benefits rooibos tea has to offer! Since it is high in antioxidants that reduce inflammation, this helps to improve arterial blood flow and removes harmful substances that can clog your arteries. This same benefit also helps to improve your breathing levels.


It Aids Digestion

Rooibos is a great tea to relax with. Much like chamomile, it calms muscles in the gastrointestinal tract, which can aid digestion and help move food through the body without any harsh or noticeable effects. It helps reduce constipation, gas, and is non acidic, so it won’t hurt your stomach. Unlike chamomile, it won’t make you sleepy, but instead offers a subtle calming effect.


It Increases the Nutrition of Many Recipes

Rooibos is a cool herbal tea because you can drink it iced, brew it hot, or you can even throw it into a smoothie or into your muffin or pancake mix! Since it is sweet and has a vanilla essence, I love adding a tablespoon to different recipes. It offers this rich, smooth taste and a pop of lovely color. The versatility behind rooibos is almost as great as the taste, which gives you more uses for your money and more health benefits into your day!

Many popular teas out there known for their high antioxidant content can be pricey. Usually, green tea is fairly affordable, however healthier versions like matcha tea can be quite pricey. Rooibos is extremely affordable, and usually costs no more than green tea does. So, if you’re a lady on a budget as I am, rooibos will fit perfectly into your routine without you having to save up extra funds. You can find rooibos tea at your local health store or buy it online through various retailers.Have you ever had rooibos tea?

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Sounds good

Just bought this tea and it's amazing!!

I still drink it daily. Rooibos chai latte:yum!

I love it. Just had a cup!

I grew up with it! Seriously, it's safe for babies (once they're actually eating). Mum gave it to us from about a year old regularly. South African mums give it to babies to calm their tummies, with milk.

I love Rooibos tea!

I have also heard about the benefits of this tea. I too, shall give it a try..

Definitely trying!

I will have to try this

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