7 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea ...


7 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea ...
7 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea ...

Did you know there are many health benefits of drinking tea? Tea is lovely anyway. It's warm, it makes you feel cozy, and it just happens to be incredibly healthy. The benefits of tea are very widespread. If you are a tea drinker then you will definitely want to check out this list of 7 health advantages of drinking tea daily. If you are looking for ways to get healthy then this post will help you out too.

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Tea is great for people with diabetes. It can help by increasing insulin activity. This means brewed tea can help people with diabetes better control their insulin. Studies show that any type of brewed tea produces this health benefit. What is your favorite brewed tea?


Helps Prevent Cancer

It’s no secret that one of the best health benefits of drinking tea is cancer prevention. Studies show that the antioxidants in tea may help prevent breast, lung and stomach cancer. If that isn’t a reason to enjoy a cup of tea , I don’t know what is. Will you drink more tea to fight cancer?


Good for Your Heart

Did you know another health benefit of drinking tea is related to your heart health? Tea works to prevent arterial clogging and fight off heart disease. Drinking tea can reduce your chance of stroke and reduce cholesterol levels. I love to know that drinking tea can do so much for my body and health.


Fat Burner

Tea is an excellent fat burner. Not only can tea help diabetes by increasing insulin activities, it can also help by improving fat burn and weight loss. Tea is known to positively impact metabolism. Think of all the health benefits you could gain by switching from drinking soda to drinking tea.


Lung Damage

While I don’t promote smoking, I will tell you that one of the most incredible health benefits of drinking tea is its ability to prevent lung damage from smoking. If you are going to smoke, it may be beneficial to also increase the amount of tea you drink daily. Quitting is best but it's also hard, so take care of yourself in the meantime.


Prevents Tooth Decay

Did you know that drinking tea can also help with tooth decay? There is something about the antioxidants in tea that helps slow down tooth decay by killing the bacteria in your mouth. Not only that, it can also help with the bacteria that cause bad breath and sore throats. This means drinking tea when you have a sore throat not only soothes the ache but also helps heal you faster. I must say, I am really starting to love the health benefits of tea.


Prevents Alzheimer’s

You will also be glad to know that drinking tea benefits your brain. Tea can help improve brain power, boost memory and prevent Alzheimer’s. I don’t know about you, but I think this health benefit of drinking tea is amazing. Will you drink tea to boost your brain power and fight Alzheimer’s?

As you can now, see drinking tea can have positive effects on several parts of your health. After learning all these facts I will definitely opt for tea over soda more often. Tea is a wonderful and natural source of important antioxidants that can improve your health tremendously. Which of these benefits for drinking tea did you already know? Did any of them surprise you? Will you drink more tea to gain some of these health benefits?

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Tea is awesome<3 too bad it makes your teeth yellow:C

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