7 Most Important Antioxidants for Staying Young and Healthy ...

By Lyndsie

7 Most Important Antioxidants for Staying Young and Healthy ...

The most important antioxidants keep you in good health. They boost your immune system, fight off damaging free radicals, and they keep you from getting sick. They battle everything from the common cold to more serious diseases. There are many ways to get the most important antioxidants, but sometimes supplements are the best ways to get everything you need.

1 EM-X Gold

You can find many of the most important antioxidants right in EM-X Gold, which has only recently become available in the United States. It doesn't contain any soy, dairy, or gluten, which is definitely a plus. It's a health drink made from the same fermentation technique typically used in soy sauce and miso. It claims to decontaminate your organs, improve the balance of acid and alkaline in your body, strengthen your immune system, and reduce both allergies and the risk of infection. Among other places, it's available from Teraganix for $72.99 a bottle.

2 Rechts Regulat

Rechts Regulat, or Rechtsregulat, from the Dr. Niedermaier Pharma company, is another antioxidant-rich product. The fermentation process is natural, it's cultivated biologically, and it relies on purely organic vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It's made to provide incredibly energized enzymes, preserving them so they aren't destroyed. It can be taken orally or topically applied. At BioPure and other places, it generally costs about $72.00 a bottle.

3 Zambroza

It doesn't take much effort to get “ambrosia” from Zambroza, does it? A powerful antioxidant drink that retails for $45.00 when you can find it, it uses nutritional supplements and vitamins along with antioxidant-rich fruits to increase your health and battle free radicals, thereby also fighting the signs of aging. It mainly utilizes mangosteen, a huge but rather new superfruit. Zambroza claims to improve your immune system, strengthen your body's ability to fight off infection, promote more energy, and generally keep you healthy.

4 Hunza Apricot Kernels

The Hunza people, also known as Hunzakuts or the Burusho, have been eating apricot kernels forever. The fact that they're well known for their enviable ages brought this fact to the fore. Since so many of them enjoy longevity, with numerous centenarians in their midst, their organic diet is catching on. While the Western world already knows about things like almonds, dried apricots and apricot kernels are something else entirely. You can find these practically anywhere at varying costs, but they're a tasty treat in addition to being hugely healthy.

5 Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is pretty interesting, to the point that you'll find it in a lot of antioxidant supplements and drinks. Quite often you'll also find it alongside mangosteen. In this case, this product is a relatively inexpensive $14.19 from Amazon, but it's one of many supplements that uses sea buckthorn. It promises to improve the texture and tone of your skin, make your hair and nails grow longer and stronger, give you plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, and make you more energized.

6 Kyo-Green Powdered Drink Mix

Kyo-Green is chock full of powerful antioxidants, relying on ingredients such as young barley and wheat grass, kelp, brown rice, FOS, and chlorella. It supports and strengthens your immune system, provides you with tons of protein, and improves your cardiovascular health in general. You'll feel more energized, your digestion will improve, and you'll, ahem, be more regular. The best part is that you can mix it with fruit or vegetable drinks, so you'll get all of the advantages with no yucky tastes. From Vitacost and other shops, it's generally about $27.39.

7 Matcha Japanese Green Tea

It's no surprise that green tea is full of antioxidants. It's so good for you! Matcha green tea is even better, having been used in traditional tea ceremonies for centuries. It tastes divine and it's super good for you. You can find it practically anywhere, but this Imperial version is available from Teavana for $34.95.

You can't underestimate the importance of antioxidants. They keep you looking and feeling young, they increase your energy, and they fight off diseases. What's your favorite way to get antioxidants?

Special thanks to Tamara Masco, our Health and Beauty expert, for finding these products.

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