7 Health Benefits of Coffee You Did Not Know ...


7 Health Benefits of Coffee You Did Not Know ...
7 Health Benefits of Coffee You Did Not Know ...

Health Benefits of Coffee are often left unsung, though I'm not sure why, since they're pretty amazing! If you must have your morning cuppa, or you're something of a latte lover, keep reading! It may surprise you to know that there are health benefits to coffee, but I assure you it's true. You don't have to rely solely on my word, though! Here are 7 health benefits of coffee you did not know... let's see which are a surprise to you...

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Coffee Drinkers Are Less Likely to Develop Certain Chronic Ailments

This is perhaps the health benefit of coffee that is most shocking: drinking coffee can actually help prevent several chronic, life-altering or even terminal ailments, such as Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, certain types of cancer, and even stroke.


Health Benefits of Coffee Cover All Demographics

Isn't it odd that only certain demographic groups benefit from the health effects of certain foods or pharmaceuticals? Not so with coffee. The health benefits of coffee extend to everyone, regardless of age or sex or even weight. It's an equal-opportunity super-food (or drink).


It'S Likely Not the Caffeine

Researchers have found that the health benefits of coffee are most likely not just from the caffeine. How? Because the studies they've conducted with decaf coffee bear the same results. Marvelous!


It Decreases Heart Health Risks

Heart disease and stroke are no laughing matter, especially for women, who are often misdiagnosed and under-treated. But one of the most relevant health benefits of coffee is that it can actually decrease your risk of heart rhythm irregularities, thus lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke... especially for women.


It Can Help Prevent Alzheimer'S Disease and Dementia

Researchers aren't quite sure why, but people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee daily have a 65% lower risk of suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and from dementia than those who don't drink coffee, or who don't drink as much.


It Can Lower Your Risk of Liver Disease

Again, scientists aren't sure about where this health benefit of coffee comes from, but they're glad it's there: drinking coffee regularly can decrease the latte-lover's risk of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.


It Won'T Cause Miscarriage

Contrary to popular belief, drinking a little (12 ounces per day or less) coffee won't cause birth defects or miscarriage, which is a boon for expectant mothers who happen to adore their morning cuppa. I wouldn't recommend caffeinated coffee to nursing mothers, though, for obvious reasons.

With so many health benefits of coffee to weigh against the things you might be worried about, it's at least something to consider against the jitters the caffeine may give you (switch to decaf!) and the extra calories you may consume by adding sugar or creamer (skip them!). Making these small changes out to help you reap the health benefits of coffee without the downsides that can come with a daily pot of Joe. Which of these health benefits of coffee surprised you? Do you think it'll influence your coffee drinking habits? Do tell!

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ive always loved coffee♥♥ because my mom was sort of a coffee addict (luckily she got rid of that now) ive always had tiny sips of coffee since like 5 and the good thing is that its not because of the caffeine i just love the taste and smell of it:) weirdly i like everything that has a little bitter taste (tea, dark chocolate..) and i switched to decaf now so i wont get addicted (i know what its like getting addicted to coffee) and i cant really tell the difference between decaf and non-decaf:) nice to that coffee actually has health benefits:)

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