10 Favourite Berries to Promote Your Health and Beauty ...


10 Favourite Berries to Promote Your Health and Beauty ...
10 Favourite Berries to Promote Your Health and Beauty ...

Lovely healthy berries are often described as being one of nature´s superfoods. They are packed with lots of health benefits, including antioxidants and vitamins. The fact that berries are good for your health is shown by their bright colours, which are an indication of what´s contained within. So include some of these tasty, healthy berries in your diet …

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Did you know that with just one cup of raspberries, you consume 50% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C? These tasty little berries also contain lots of other vitamins and minerals, including manganese and copper, plus lots of fibre.



These healthy berries are full of numerous vitamins and minerals. What´s more, they are believed to potentially play a part in lowering risks of serious health problems such as heart disease, with many studies looking into their health benefits.



Cranberry juice has long been a popular home treatment among women for treating cystitis. Although its benefits in this regard have not been proven clinically, there are plenty who believe that it does help, plus like other berries cranberries contain vitamins and minerals.


Goji Berries

Goji berries have recently become a trendy health food. They are now sold in every health food store, usually in dried form. The good thing about dried fruit is that it tends to be high in iron – great news for vegetarians.



Even the humble and familiar strawberry is good for you. Just don´t cover them in cream or sugar, or dip in chocolate! They are low in calories, rich in Vitamin C, and also contain flavonoids, which are being studied for their possible medical benefits.



Cherries don´t sound as though they are berries, do they? But apparently they are! Their antioxidant content is believed to help with a variety of medical problems. They may also have potential for weight loss (although this study was courtesy of an industry body …).


Acai Berries

Like goji berries, acai berries are another trendy item found in health food stores. They are considered to help with those nasty free radicals, as do all other berries (it´s the colour of berries that show they contain antioxidants).



Yes, the familiar grape is a berry as well! It´s surprising what is … I guess I didn´t know as much about botany as I thought. Anyway, grapes contain lots of antioxidants and other healthy ingredients, plus we all know that a moderate consumption of wine keeps the French healthy, even though they consume a lot of animal fats!



I didn´t know about the health benefits of berries when I used to pick wild blackberries in the UK. Picking boxes of these delicious berries was one of the pleasures of early autumn. In addition to their taste, they also have high levels of antioxidants.


Hawthorn Berries

The last in my list of healthy berries (although there are, of course, more) are

hawthorn berries. These berries are known to be beneficial for the heart, and

can most easily be found in tablet form.

The health benefits of berries is not surprising when you consider that most modern medicines are derived from plants. Berries offer considerable potential for medical treatments, and at the very least provide lots of vitamins and other essentials. Are there any other healthy berries that you enjoy, and do you even grow your own?

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I love all of these! Especially blackberries:] this is all true right??

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