10 Amazingly Healthy Foods to Eat ...


10 Amazingly Healthy Foods to Eat ...
10 Amazingly Healthy Foods to Eat ...

Healthy Foods to Eat on daily basis- now that sure sounds like one boring menu! Well, guess again! These foods taste great, can be combined and provide an unlimited amount of options for creating mouthwatering dishes. In fact, after you read this post that focuses on finding healthy foods to eat on daily basis and reasons for which they are considered so beneficial, you’ll realize most of them are already on your menu and in your heart and the only thing you need to do is increase portions and maybe eat them more often during the week. So, keep reading and you’ll find out which 10 healthy foods to eat and why!

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Low in fat, low in calories, refreshing and unbelievably healthy – tomatoes are those veggies you’d want to eat every day. You see, ladies, one tomato has only 26 calories, no fat whatsoever and could help you look and feel better both instantly and in long term. But let me explain what to expect from thins amazing veggie! First of all, tomatoes are very rich in Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps your body regenerate and fight free radicals more efficiently. But that’s not all! Did you know that eating as little as half tomato per day significantly reduces the risk of cancer?



Speaking about healthy foods to eat on daily basis – I bet you have no idea how incredibly healthy plain, low-fat yoghurt really is. Now, the best thing about it is that you can mix it with fruits, nuts and cereals to create a healthy, low-calorie meal which makes this treat a very versatile food (along with being the best drink). Yoghurt is rich in calcium and we women know how important it is to take good care of our bones plus it helps us reduce the risk of yeast-infections which, as you know, isn’t just a tiny benefit.



Cranberries and especially cranberry juice should also find a place on your grocery list because they will make sure you and your bladder live happily ever after! LOL! It does sound funny but once you start reading about all those bad microorganisms that could multiply there and damages they could do to your reproductive organs, you’ll see there’s nothing funny or fairy-tale like about it. But, I don’t mean to scare you now, I just want to point out that one healthy, refreshing drink such as 100% natural cranberry juice really can help!



Both lemons and limes are very rich in Vitamin C as well as two other components called Limonene and Furocoumarins, all of which have shown some amazing results in the prevention of cancer. The coolest thing is probably the fact that one wedge has only 2 calories and, of course, zero fat so, if you’re wondering which low-calorie, healthy foods to eat today, I suggest adding lemons, limes or both to your meal or salad.



I wrote about ginger tea and it’s amazing properties in one of my previous posts but, in case you’ve missed that, now you’ll have a chance to read more about powdered ginger – a very powerful anti-inflammatory remedy. One spoon of this powder has only one calorie so adding it to your foods or drinks won’t interfere with your diet and will help you deal with migraines and arthritis pains.



Next on my list of amazingly healthy foods to eat, love and suggest to others would be broccoli, veggie 99% of kids can’t stand. I hated broccoli when I was a kid too but I decided to give it another shot some years later and it really paid off. I suggest you do the same because broccoli can prevent breast cancer! Yes, you heard good, breast cancer, ladies, one of our biggest fears!



Rich in proteins and low in fat- these tiny, tasty goodies won’t only give you enough energy to make it through the day, but positively affect your health as well. Lentils contain matters that lower levels of estrogen and as such have great potential for preventing breast cancer.



Nuts do contain some amount of fat so you must measure your portions carefully although you should have in mind fats in nuts are actually good fats. If you workout or work long hours, nuts could be a great, re-energizing snack and, if I tell you eating them on regular basis actually means your chances of developing heart disease will drop by 20%, I bet you’ll agree nuts definitely deserve their place on this list.



These tasty rich sources of potassium, iron and magnesium could sure bring new, interesting, Mediterranean flavors into your kitchen! I swear could eat rice or pasta with clams and tomato sauce everyday! Clams are rich in nutrients and will not only feed your body but your mind too and the only thing you must have in mind is the fact that some clams increase existing allergic reactions so you should avoid them in case you have mosquito bites, a rash, sun allergy or something like that.



If you lack iron or tend to feel a bit weak during periods, definitely consider raisins as they could help make things better. They don’t contain any fat although they are very rich in calories which means you’ll have to be extra careful if you don’t want to break your diet. Now, in case you’re leading an active life, raisins should definitely be on your list of healthy foods to eat on daily basis either as a sweet snack or added to cereals.

Onions and garlic, of course, go without saying so, if you don’t mind their taste, be sure to add them to your menu as well. You see, I told you finding healthy foods to eat isn’t hard or boring! But, how about you? Do you have some of your favorite foods to suggest and do you think choosing healthy foods to eat instead of junk food is a hard, painful process?

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I would like to add blueberries, strawberries, cabbage, and red beets. They also have a lot of health benefits, beside being yummy....

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