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Charging your body with enough of those precious nutrients will make it strong and able to survive a full day of activities that feed your soul, ego or even your bank account. Well, that definitely not a new piece of info. But, did you know that certain foods do your little gray cells good, too? Yup, these “smart” foods can help you improve your memory and significantly enhance both quality and quantity of your mental capacity! Interested to know more? Well keep reading because I’m about to list 7 most popular “smart” foods you will definitely want to try out…

1. Tea

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A cup of fresh green or black tea is the perfect way to start a busy day. Why? Because these two types of tea are very rich in catechins, matters that help our brains remain sharp, focused and able to produce all those brilliant ideas! Lack of catechins makes you feel lazy, slow and unable to think and, since I’ve been in this situation myself, I know how terrible this feeling is. So, put your shoes on, go straight to the herbal pharmacy and get yourself a pack of green tea because, tomorrow morning, we’re starting a new, healthier, smarter routine!

2. Berries

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Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries… Embrace all those wonderful berries because they are both tasty and good for your brain. Berries are rich in antioxidants, fisetin and flavenoid which will help improve your memory as well as learning capacity! So, like I said in one of my previous posts, learning a foreign language can be an interesting, useful thing and, if you want to make sure you nothing interferes with your ability to learn it – eat your berries once a day.

3. Nuts

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If you’re nuts for nuts, you definitely won’t have a problem with adding more of them to your daily routine. Right? They also make a prefect snack so next time you go to the supermarket, get more nuts and skip potato chips. Nuts are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that will enhance your ability to think clear and remain focused. But that’s not all! Since these fatty acids act as natural anti-depressants, all those thoughts you’ll have won’t only be clearer but happier too. Now, isn’t that a great way to battle with depression and keep looking on the bright side of life?

4. Chocolate

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Now, I know you don’t need an excuse to eat it but I’m going to give it to you anyways and it’s going to be a great one! Believe it or not, cocoa has more antioxidants than tea or even red vine! Now, what do you have to say about our fav sweet? Dark chocolate is especially good because it contains a larger dose of cocoa and all those precious matters that help maintain proper functioning of the brain.

5. Seafood

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Fish and oysters are super smart foods you can’t afford to cut from your menu. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish will help your neurons work faster and just one serving of this super food per week significantly lowers your chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Oysters are rich in zinc and iron so incorporating them in your diet can help improve both learning capacity and memory.

6. Whole Grains and Seeds

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Focusing on whole grains is healthy for both the body and the mind. They will speed up your mental activity and even help you learn new things faster so nutritionist often suggest switching to whole grains after 50’s, when mental activity starts slowing down. Seeds are a good substitute for nuts so, if in case you’re allergic to nuts, do count on various types of seeds to provide you with your daily dose of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and happy thoughts, of course.

7. Eggs

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One apple a day keeps the doctor away and two eggs products a day keep the brain atrophy away! Yup, the sad truth is that our brain starts to shrink as we grow old and the only way to prevent this from happening is to provide enough of vitamin B12, essential fatty acids and choline, all of which can be found in afore mentioned eggs. So don’t deprive yourself of this smart food but, now that you know how good it is, you must make sure you don’t overdo it either, as eating a lot of eggs can’t be good for your cholesterol levels.

Hope you found this list of most popular “smart” foods useful, girls. Which smart foods will be your method to maintain proper brain function, improve your memory and start having better, happier thoughts and more of those brilliant ideas?

Top Photo Credit: Amarand Agasi

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