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Healthy Fruit should be part of your everyday diet, but it's hard to know what healthy fruit is the best for you! Well ladies, that's what I'm here for. I'm here to detail out the top 10 healthy fruit pieces that'll keep you trim, fit and make you have the energy levels of a toddler! So – without further stalling, here's my top list of fruits that taste awesome and are great for you!

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Did you know that by incorporating 1 medium apple into your everyday diet can actually give you 3 grams of fiber per day? Typically, you have at least 20 – 30 grams of fiber in your diet, so just one little apple will put you on the right track! High fiber can actually help lower your heart disease risk, how good is that?



We all know that bananas are a fantastic source of potassium, but did you know that potassium actually plays a key role in heart health and muscle function? I swear, if you add in 1 medium banana a day to your diet, you'll feel so much better! This is truly one of the healthy fruits that tastes awesome and is so, so good for you!



Blackberries are by far one of the healthiest fruits out there! Not only does 1 cup of these little berries give you at least 10 grams of fiber, but these little berries are filled with antioxidants as well. So not only are these healthy fruits delicious, but they are also super nutritious!



So, I've eaten tons of dried apricots, but I really didn't know that these awesome super fruits are actually jam-packed with vitamin A. They actually have have more vitamin A than any other fruit and I promise, your body will love them! Eat at least 3 a day for your daily dose of vitamin A!



Oranges are not the only fruit that are packed with vitamin C and A, these healthy fruits have enough beta-carotene to cover all of your vitamin A needs. They also have about 57 mg of vitamin C, which is great for your body and your immune system!



When you're sick, what is the first juice that you turn to? Orange juice right? It's because this awesome healthy fruit is packed with all kinds of vitamin C and also has a ton of calcium inside of it as well. For me, I love oranges in all of their forms. Raw fruit or even just the juice – it doesn't matter!



I love papayas. I think that they taste so delicious, but little did I know how great they were for me! Just 1 cup of this awesome fruit will give you a ton of vitamin C and also about 2.5 grams of fiber.



Cherries have so many vitamins and minerals packed right inside of them and they taste so, so good! Did you know that cherries can actually help prevent cancer in animals too? Cherries truly are an incredible fruit and one that should be included in your diet all the time!



Now, I actually eat strawberries all of the time. Whenever they are in stock, I buy at least two containers full and I could eat a whole pound in one sitting! These little red gems are actually full of vitamin C and will get you about 3.8 grams of fiber per cup too!



Finally ladies, the last healthy fruit that we are going to explore is blueberries! These awesome berries are packed with antioxidants and can actually help prevent and even treat any bladder infections that you have. Blueberries actually make it hard for bacteria to stick to any of your urinary tract walls, making it impossible for you to get a UTI! How great is that?

Healthy fruit should be something that is consistent in your diet! After all, healthy fruits will keep your overall health in check and they typically taste delicious. So ladies, what other healthy fruits do you like? Come on, share your favorite fruits!

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Pineapple is delicious too

Hey! You have made some mistake in mangoes and oranges......:) so can we eat mongoes or not?

Mango <3

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