7 Amazing Benefits of Watermelon ...


7 Amazing Benefits of Watermelon ...
7 Amazing Benefits of Watermelon ...

Sweet and juicy beyond words…but wait, those are hardly the only two benefits of watermelon! In fact, I have a lot more and once you hear about everything this low calorie food can do for your body, you’ll be craving for a huge slice too! Better make it two as these following benefits of watermelons are definitely not to be taken lightly:

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Watermelon is Hydrating and Low in Calories

With less than 30 calories per 100 grams, watermelon should be your favorite low calorie food each summer! It’s sweet enough to help you curb your cravings for other, seriously fattening sweets (even chocolate) while its high percentage of water keeps you optimally hydrated, reducing the risks of mistaking your thirst for hunger and reaching for something that shouldn’t be on your menu! Think about it – eating a watermelon is way tastier and more fun than telling yourself “I have to drink more water, I have to drink more water” and the result is pretty much the same – glowing skin, faster metabolism, youthful appearance! Whoa! Amazing, isn’t it? But we’re not done so keep reading as there are a few more benefits of watermelon I really need to bring to your attention!


It’s Also Super Rich in Antioxidants

Speaking about those benefits of watermelons that will make you jump out of your chair, grab your purse and head straight to the supermarket to get yourself one – did you know this tasty summer treat is actually full of antioxidants and vitamins your body could sure find useful? I’m talking about vitamins A and C and beta carotene – all those stuff you’re paying top dollar to have in your beauty products and supplements! Cool, huh? Well, as you know watermelons are cheap and now we’ve learned that it’s not eating them that will really cost you!


It is Great for the Heart

Abundance of these afore mentioned matters makes eating more watermelon a perfect strategy for lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer which occur once those free radicals we are all exposed to (and can’t do anything to get away from) start causing cell mutations. Now, there is this whole chemistry 101 explanation on how it happens that I’m sure very few would appreciate so I’ll just put it this way – antioxidants, as you all know, neutralize those harmful free radicals, preventing a lot of damage they could have caused! And that’s one of the reasons for which a watermelon is considered to be a really healthy food!


Will Give You More Energy

Vitamins B1 and B6 add to the list of wonderful reasons to turn to this fruit as they will help you have more energy and build better muscles! Five bucks you didn’t know more watermelon on your plate could aid you efforts in the gym! LOL! This interesting yet one of many benefits of watermelon counts even if you don’t exercise on regular basis as it will keep your body alert, energized and capable of dealing with everything your busy schedule lists as a must-do each day, allowing you to get it done and still have enough “juice” left to spend good quality, fun time with your spouse or meet up with friends after work!


Is a Precious Source of Magnesium and Potassium

Next benefit of a watermelon is its amazing ability to replenish our potassium levels which is especially important in summer when we sweat a lot which results in more and more of this precious salt being lost from our body. Watermelon is also rich in magnesium and eating it will replenish your Mg deposits, preventing muscle cramps while your replenished potassium deposits ensure optimal bodily and mental functions.


Watermelon Lowers Blood Pressure

Known as a good source of citrulline, an amino-acid our body uses to create substances that lower blood pressure, watermelon is way more than just a tasty piece of fruit you can enjoy over the summer! Scientists on the University of Florida have actually managed to prove eating watermelon on regular basis can prevent a mildly raised blood pressure from escalating into a full blown hypertension! Not bad for a piece of fruit, huh? Who knew benefits of watermelon are so great and so diverse!


It Balances Body’s PH

Or body works best when its pH is neutral (normal pH is about 7.0 which, although slightly alkaline, is generally considered “neutral”) and watermelon, as healthy food and most importantly alkaline forming food, helps our body in its efforts to win that battle! Processed foods as well as sweets, some kinds of meat, dairy products, chemical sweeteners and even white flour are extremely acid forming and will lower our body’s pH making it hard for it to work properly. Luckily, we have watermelon to help us restore that balance, right? And, if I may add, being on a healthy diet had never tasted sweeter!

Bet you didn’t know about all these benefits of watermelon before! They are pretty fascinating, though…Aren’t they? And just in case you have this idea about low calorie food tasting like wet cardboard, I suggest you give this juicy fruit a taste! Not that I believe you’ve never tried it before but hey…maybe you’ve somehow managed to miss it this summer and could definitely use a reminder.

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Watermelon is fy favorite fruit of all time lol It's great to know it really good for me too. Great post :)

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