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7 Health Benefits of Ginger ...

By Melissa

Do you know that ginger has many health benefits? In fact, ginger has been used as a natural health aid for hundreds of years. It was successfully used long before modern medicine came around. I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for alternate treatments to my ailments that don’t involve medication. Are you same way? If you want to know how ginger can improve your health then check out this list of 7 health benefits of ginger.

1 Cholesterol Reduction

Did you know one of the main health benefits of ginger is cholesterol reduction? It’s true. A recent study showed that patients saw a significant reduction in levels after consuming ginger regularly over a period of time. That is awesome. Do you like ginger?

2 Anti-Inflammatory

Ginger is also an excellent anti-inflammatory. Many modern anti-inflammatory drugs wreak havoc on your digestive system. Eating ginger instead to fight inflammation won’t cause those same problems, because ginger is also good at preventing ulcers.

3 Arthritis

Since ginger is great on inflammation, it is no surprise one of the health benefits of ginger is fighting arthritis. In fact, many over the counter arthritis treatments contain dried ginger rhizome. One study showed that most of the participants who were using ginger to treat arthritis reported a huge reduction in pain and swelling.

4 Cancer

Ginger is also known to help fight cancer. With all these wonderful health advantages of ginger, I can’t help but wonder how you are going to add ginger into your daily diet? Some people take in in a capsule, others like to drink a ginger tea, or add it when cooking.

5 Motion Sickness

Do you get sick on car rides or on an airplane? If you do, you might want to try a little ginger ale. There is significant evidence that ginger is more effective at preventing or treating motion sickness than over the counter medications. Studies were done using powdered ginger in capsules.

6 Morning Sickness

In the same way ginger helps motion sickness, it is also known to help with morning sickness. Isn't that an awesome health benefit of ginger for pregnant women? In one study, women experiencing extreme morning sickness were given one gram of powdered ginger over the course of 4 days. Most women reported great results and less morning sickness. I've heard of pregnant women sucking on ginger lollipops during pregnancy to treat morning sickness. Do you have any experience using ginger during pregnancy?

7 Anti-Fungal

Did you know another health benefit of ginger is that can work as an anti-fungal? I am telling you, the benefits of ginger are amazing. As it turns out, ginger has powerful anti-fungal properties against several different types of fungi. It is even said to work well against fungi that have become resistant to other anti-fungal treatments.

Not that you know all these amazing health benefits of ginger, let me know what you think. Maybe you will use ginger more in your cooking or perhaps it makes you want to give ginger tea a try. Or maybe you will try to get the health benefits of ginger in the form of a pill. However you decided to add ginger to your diet, I am sure you will see improvements. Do you know of any other benefits of ginger?

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