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Kissing is super sexy and fun but did you know that there are actual health benefits of kissing?! Kissing your crush or significant other does more than just get your heart fluttering. There are actual advantages to smooching that are good for your mind and body! Read up on these health benefits of kissing and feel even better about puckering up for a smooch session!

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Keep Your Weight down

Who knew one of the health benefits of kissing was that it could lead to a smaller waist?! A study done by the University of Louisville found that when you’re engaged in a passionate kiss, you can burn up to two calories a minute! Of course a fervent kissing session doesn’t compare to actually hitting a treadmill, it’s a pretty good reason to lock lips more often!


Keeps You Looking Young

I think we’ve all heard the saying that it takes more muscles to frown than smile but what about when we kiss? According to sex therapist Dr. Ava Cadell, it takes about 30 muscles to kiss so kissing can help keep the muscles in our faces toned and tight! Whether you believe in Cadell’s theory or not, it’s not a bad idea to stimulate your facial muscles by engaging in a long, deep kiss!


Keep Your Mouth Healthy

We always want to make sure our breath is on point when we get close to someone and French kissing can actually help keep our mouths healthy! Locking lips and tongues actually increases the production of saliva and helps rid the area of bacteria! An increase in saliva doesn’t mean sloppy kisses, it means that serious smooch sessions help keep cavities and tooth decay away!


Keep Your Immune System Healthy

The next time you need a reason to kiss (like you need one!), think about how it can boost your immune system! Anesthesiologist Dr. Yael Vernado reports that the swapping of spit from kissing is essentially the swapping of germs which is like nature’s vaccination. This means that every time you find yourself in a fervent kiss, you’re giving your libido and your immune system a big boost!


Keep Your Stress Levels Low

When was the last time you felt stressed after you kissed someone? Okay, excluding that bad date, you usually feel pretty mellow and relaxed after you snog someone, right? That’s because a benefit of kissing is that it releases oxytocin which can improve your mood and decrease your stress levels! The next time you feel down or tense, go in for a kiss!


Keep Your Heart Healthy

The adrenaline release you get from locking lips is just another great reason to kiss. The adrenaline produced from kissing is similar to the effects of exercising so it gets your heart pumping and increases blood circulation. Keep your heart healthy and happy by taking part in lots of heart pounding kissing and exercise!


Keep Your Pain Levels down

The next time you have a headache or some other mild pain; reach for a kiss instead of a pain reliever. A little known benefit of kissing is that it releases endorphins that can be very helpful in relieving pain! Some say that the powerful effects of from the endorphins released from kissing are twice as effective as some of the more powerful pain killers minus the side effects!

Were you aware that there were so many health benefits of kissing?! I never thought that bonding and exchanging kisses could boost our health and well-being in so many ways! Have you ever experienced any of these benefits to kissing?

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Very informative ^.^ Kiss really keep your stress away..

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