7 Surprising Health Benefits of Almonds ...


7 Surprising Health Benefits of Almonds ...
7 Surprising Health Benefits of Almonds ...

Health Benefits of Almonds are surprisingly numerous. Although I adore these particular nuts (you might even say I'm … nuts for almonds! Ha!), I only recently started investigating the health benefits of almonds. My mother-in-law to-be was staying with the Better Half while I was with my parents in New York, and bought some almond milk, which was still in the fridge when I got back. I tried it, because I didn't want it to go to waste, and promptly fell so in love that it's all I use on my cereal and in my coffee now. I even drink it straight up, but I always had to force myself to do that with milk. Whether you're eating the nuts, using almond flour, or drinking almond milk, I've discovered that there are many health benefits of almonds, and I'd like to share what I've learned with you!

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Better Brain Power

One of the most important health benefits of almonds is definitely their ability to boost your brain power. Almonds are full of essential nutrients, many of which can seriously develop your brain power and improve the way you think. How awesome is that? By snacking on some every day, you can make yourself smarter!


An Incredible Complexion

On the physical side of things, almonds are great for your skin. Specifically, adding almond oil or milk to your skincare regimen will help make your skin soft and supple. Your complexion will be smooth and flawless as well. Massage almond oil into your skin, and look for soaps infused with almond oil.


Heart Healthy

When considering the health benefits of almonds, this one is incredibly vital. Almonds are good for your heart, it's that simple. They have potassium, folic acid, protein, and monosaturated fats, along with vitamin E. When you eat almonds, you can significantly reduce your chances of getting heart disease.


Endless Energy

Forget about Redbull and endless cups of coffee. If you need an energy boost, turn to almonds! Riboflavin, copper, and manganese give you serious stamina. You'll have lots more energy, but you won't have to suffer through a sugar or caffeine crash.


Prevention and Protection

In terms of preventing and protecting you from other hazards, there are a number of other health benefits of almonds. For instance, they can help reduce the risk of colon cancer due to the way they help food move through your colon. They can also prevent diabetes because they reduce the increase of your body's insulin levels, especially after you eat. The presence of folic acid also make them a great snack during pregnancy, as they can protect both you and your baby.


Weight Loss Superfood

Almonds are quickly becoming known as one of the big superfoods, right up there with blueberries and pomegranates. They, too, can significantly help with weight loss. Specifically, drinking almond milk can help you lose weight – just make sure it isn't sweetened!


The Regulation Factor

Lastly, almonds are great at regulating a number of things. They can regulate your blood pressure, since they're high in potassium but low in sodium. They can regulate your cholesterol, as well. And they can also regulate you – I mean that literally, and that's all I'm going to say on the matter!

The health benefits of almonds are incredibly far reaching, as you can see. They can improve your brain power and your skin; they take care of your heart and your blood pressure. There are so many really positive health benefits of almonds that I simply can't believe I never realized any of this before. Everything in moderation, of course, especially where nuts are involved, but don't you want to start munching on almonds, too? If you know any more awesome health benefits of almonds, please share!

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