8 Incredible Benefits of Meditation ...


8 Incredible Benefits of Meditation ...
8 Incredible Benefits of Meditation ...

By now you know the benefits of meditation are powerful. It keeps you relaxed, relieves you of the stressful factors in your life, and centers you as a person. If you aren’t fully aware of the advantages of meditation then you are in luck. I have put together a list of 8 incredible benefits of meditating.

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Reduces Stress

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that one of the main benefits of meditation is reduced stress. When you meditate, your body goes into a calm state. Your mind focuses on your breathing. All these things help relieve stress. Have you ever used meditation to help with stress?


Helps Depression

Some studies have even shown that meditation can help with depression. The idea is using mantra meditations to combat negative thoughts. This helps block the negativity and replaces it with something positive. The next time you have a self-loathing thought, try repeating to yourself something positive and re-affirming of your strengths and beauty.


Relieves Anxiety

Many people use relaxation techniques to fight anxiety. Since meditation is a way of relaxing the body and mind, it is understandable why one benefit of meditation would be to relieve anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety attacks, you can try to control your attack with meditation too. Some people suggest mindful meditation. At the first signs of anxiety, stop what you are doing and focus all your thoughts on your breathing. Count the seconds it takes to breath in and out. Try to take deeper breaths and exhale longer to relax and relieve anxiety.


Fights Heart Disease

According to Science Now magazine, another advantage of meditation is its ability to fight heart disease. Robert Schneider of Maharishi University of Management and Theordore Kotchen of the Medical College of Wisconsin conducted a study that showed people with heart disease who practiced meditation 15 to 20 minutes each day, along with taking their prescribed blood pressure medication, were 47 percent less likely to experience heart attacks, strokes, or death.


Lowers High Blood Pressure

According to NPR.org, Dr. Randy Zusman of Massachusetts General Hospital prescribes meditation for his patients with high blood pressure. A recent study he conducted showed that along with a healthy diet change, quitting smoking and exercise, patients were able to lower their blood pressure significantly compared to those who did the same thing without meditation.


Improves Focus

Did you know that improved focus is also a benefit of meditation? One study showed a great increase of concentration and focus over a period of time from participants that meditated daily. If meditation can have such a strong effect on your focus and concentration, then I think it would be excellent advice to students to meditate daily.



Not only can meditation benefit your stress levels and concentration, it can also increase immunity. It seems the benefits of meditation are never ending. A study at Ohio State University discovered that daily meditation increased natural killer cells in elderly people. These increased killer cells gave them more resistance against tumors and viruses.


Better Fertility

If you are having trouble trying to conceive, meditation might be your answer. The theory is that stress plays against a woman’s fertility. Since meditation helps the body and mind relax, it can increase fertility by relieving stress. Men are also susceptible to fertility problems related to stress. Stress reduces sperm count and their motility. Perhaps both partners can practice meditation when trying to conceive.

The benefits of meditation are endless. Taking time to relax and concentrate is clearly well worth the effort. With so many advantage of meditation, it's worth a try. Which of these benefits did you already know about? Which benefits surprised you?

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