8 Ideas to Help You Meditate ...


8 Ideas to Help You Meditate ...
8 Ideas to Help You Meditate ...

Meditation is a wonderful way of relaxing and improving your health, so if you need some ideas to help you meditate this is the post for you. Sitting down and meditating can be quite difficult, as we find it hard to switch our minds off. There are lots of ways of getting yourself in the right frame of mind in order to get real benefits from meditation. So here are some great ideas to help you meditate …

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Guided Meditations

One of the most accessible ideas to help you meditate is to listen to a guided meditation. You can find many CDs on the subject. An excellent place to look is YouTube, which has thousands of guided meditations. If all you can spare is five minutes, there are some lovely meditations that will help you relax. If you have longer, there are plenty more to suit you. Listen to different videos, and find one that works for you.



A class will be very helpful if you need more guidance. Not only is it more interactive, but the very act of having to attend regularly will help you focus on bringing meditation into your life. It's important to practice regularly, so if you find it difficult to do so on your own a class will give you the framework to meditate on a regular basis.


Switch off

Although it is definitely difficult to switch off our active minds, this really is important. Meditation is about stilling and calming the mind. So try to ignore the thoughts that come into your mind. Let them just pass through and don't focus on them. And also switch off your phone so you won't be interrupted!


Meditation Partner

If you find it hard to make yourself practice regularly, then a meditation partner can be a good idea. Schedule times that suit you both, as frequently as you can manage. For example, try taking ten minutes from your lunch break to practice meditation in the park with a coworker (weather permitting), or in a quiet place in the office.



Breathing is an important aspect of meditation. Learning the correct technique will help you meditate. Yes, I know breathing comes naturally! But most people actually don't breathe correctly. They suck in their stomach as they breathe in, and push it out as they breathe out. This is the reverse of the right way. Try placing your hands on your abdomen, and pushing in gently as you breathe out. You will soon find that the right technique becomes natural.


Quiet Place

Choose a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. It's hard to find somewhere totally devoid of sound, so try to tune out anything that you hear. Putting on relaxing music can help drown out noise from outside. And again - switch off the phone, and tell people not to disturb you!



If you take a trip to the country, or visit a quiet park, take advantage of the opportunity to meditate in a natural setting. It really does feel special and relaxing. Your garden, if you have one, is also a lovely place for a meditation session. Hearing the birds singing and the wind gently blowing through the trees helps you relax.


Daily Session

Finally, try to include a session of meditation as part of your daily routine. Frequency really is important. Anything is better than nothing, but you won't find it that effective if you just meditate every now and then. No matter how busy you are, you can at least manage five minutes meditation, twice a day if possible.

Meditation is an excellent way of calming your mind - something we all need to do! There is so much stress and pressure in our lives, and we need to help ourselves relax. Meditating gives us time to get away from the stress, and help maintain good health. Forget about the hippy image and chanting "Om" - it's something that everyone can benefit from. What do you do to get yourself in the right mood for meditating?

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Thanks I pray but really need to work on meditation they say praying is speaking to god meditation is listening to god

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