7 Health Advantages of Drinking Water ...


7 Health Advantages of Drinking Water ...
7 Health Advantages of Drinking Water ...

There are so many amazing health advantages of drinking water, it is astonishing to me how many people don’t drink water. I know it’s not always the best tasting thing, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Water has the ability to clean your body from the inside out, improve your skin and hair, and help you lose weight. These are just some of the many advantages of drinking water. Keep reading to learn more ways water benefits the body.

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Water Weight

I can always tell when I haven’t drank enough water for the day. This is especially true if I know I was exceptionally good with my eating. If I haven't had enough water, I tend to hold on to water weight until I hydrate properly. You see, one the advantages of drinking water is letting go of water weight. Many people have the misconception that water leaves you bloated. In actuality, not drinking enough water causes you to hang on to what little bit of water your body was able to pull out of the food you consumed.


Colon Cleanse

Different parts of our body need a good cleansing. Drinking water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, helps flush out any toxins in your colon. This prepares your colon to take in all the good nutrients you plan to feed your body for the day.


New Cells

You probably know that your body makes new cells every day. It is a necessary part of being alive. Drinking water helps increase the production of these new cells. This allows your muscles to grow, strengthen, and tone up faster after a good workout. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing fast results.


Metabolism Booster

Not only will drinking water help fight off bloat and keep you from retaining water, experts also agree that drinking a cold glass of water will greatly improve your metabolism. For best results it is suggested that you drink 2 cups of cold water in the morning.


Healthy Skin

Clear skin is a constant battle for me. Even at my age breakouts and acne are a struggle. I have found that since I began drinking several glasses of water each day, my skin is much clearer and people say I glow. I still get an occasional breakout around that time of the month, but nothing like before.


Fight Infection

Our bodies are pretty complex. We have lymphoid all throughout our body that plays a large part in fighting infections. You may have noticed a swollen lymphoid or two at the base of your neck when you had a cold or the flu. They also help balance the fluids in the body, but you have to stay hydrated.


Natural Headache Cure

I am not saying that water will cure all headaches, but it will definitely help if your headaches are caused by dehydration. While there are many reasons for headaches, dehydration is one of the most common. Next time your head starts to ache, grab a glass of water before popping any pain medication. Wait a half hour or so to see if hydrating solved the issue.

Who knew there were so many advantages of drinking water? Of course, this is only a small fraction of all the reasons to drink water. Drinking water helps the body in so many different ways. If you know of any more please share, and also share with us how you work water into your daily routine.

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I need to drink more water often.

I only drink water that's it !

I find one useful way to feel hydrated is to pop a nuun into my water, I always feel hydrated after

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