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If you are feeling fatigued you may be looking for natural energy boosters. There are many ways to boost your energy without downing energy drinks or pills. While coffee or a sweet snack may give you a little lift it may not be the best thing for you. I know many people that would love to trade out their late afternoon coffee for a natural energy booster. What about you? If you are struggling to stay awake during the day or just feel run down by afternoon give these 7 excellent natural energy boosters a try.

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Who knew that apples could boost energy? I sure didn’t. The secret lies in its natural sugars. They help give a little energy boost and are also good for your glucose levels. The sugar plus the fiber is perfect for your blood sugar. They weren’t joking when they said an apple a day keeps the doctor away.



Some people feel tired because they are dehydrated. That is why water is considered a natural energy booster. To get the best results try drinking water regularly throughout the entire day. Keeping your vital properly hydrated means they have to work a lot less to function causing you to be less weary. Don’t believe me? Challenge yourself by drinking 8 glasses of water regularly throughout the day for 3 days and then come back and let me know how it affected your energy levels.



Some people practice special breathing techniques to give them energy. I asked my yoga instructor about this. He suggested taking in a deep breath for 5 seconds, holding your breath for 3 seconds and then slowly exhaling. Repeat 3 times.



Sounds kind of crazy right? You are probably thinking, “The last thing I want do to do when I am tired is get up and move.” Trust me, I feel you on this. But studies show that when you are active endorphins are released into the body and causing a natural energy boost. This is why you feel energized after a good workout. Maybe instead of that mid-afternoon coffee you can try a mid-afternoon walk?


High Fiber Breakfast

Some folks believe starting your day off right with a high fiber breakfast is the key to energy that last all day. The idea is that these high fiber foods digest slower and offer your body energy longer than say a doughnut or sugary cereal.

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Dark Chocolate

That’s right I said chocolate. What girl can’t get on board with a little dark chocolate as a natural energy booster? I know I am game. Dark chocolate is a natural source of caffeine and is filled with good antioxidants. You won’t only be increasing your energy but also helping your body in other amazing ways.



Nuts are another great snack to keep on hand to boost energy. Just a small handful of your favorite nuts will give you the energy you need to get through the day. I like to keep pistachios and almonds on hand. They are a tasty and healthy snack. What’s your favorite nut?

Give these natural energy boosters a try and let me know what works for you. I’d also love to hear some of the ways you boost energy naturally.

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